The world of online psychic reading is a minefield. There is a mixture of the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly. When we are upset the first thing we seek is reassurance. Someone to tell us that everything will work out ok, and that we will get what we want.

The problem is that life doesn’t work that way. We are here to grow, learn, and evolve as spiritual beings. The universe doesn’t mind how we do that. Any experience, good or bad, brings the gift of growth. So as long as you are growing and learning, then you are doing what you were put here to do. You do however have FREE WILL. This means that you get to choose which path you take, who you interact with and how you behave. You then live the consequences, good or bad, of the choices that you make. You are FREE! Isn’t that a wonderful gift?

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With this in mind, the following is a list of things that you need to watch out for when seeking psychic insight.

1) SPELLS. There is no such thing as a spell that can reunite you with your ex. This is a scam. When you are hurt, desperate and heartbroken you are extremely vulnerable to this kind of rubbish because all you want is for someone to make the pain go away, and you may be willing to part with significant amounts of money in order to make that happen. Remember that we all have FREE WILL? That includes your ex. If someone has decided for whatever reason that they no longer want to be in your life, then you owe it to them, and yourself to accept that, respect it and move on. Remember also that love, in its true form, is UNCONDITIONAL. This means that when you love someone you love them for who they are, what they do and the choices they make. You respect their right to make their OWN choices. Even if there was a spell that could bring them back, you would be denying them their God given right to choose their own path. Does that sound like love to you? How would you feel if someone that you do not want to be around, became obsessed with YOU, and bought a spell to FORCE you to commit to them? People who offer these services do NOT have your best interests at heart. They have their sights firmly fixed on your bank balance. If you fall for this scam you will end up with bigger problems than a broken heart. The people who these spells are nothing more than predators exploiting you when you are at your lowest.

2) LOA. The Law of Attraction LIED. Over the years since these theories become popular there has been an explosion of self-entitlement followed by disappointment. Remember we are spiritual beings here to LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE. Sometimes the most painful and disturbing experiences bring the most growth. Like a grain of sand in an oyster, the irritant creates the pearl. Money and possessions do NOT bring happiness. However the LOA has worked spectacularly for some people, most notably the ones who sold the concept to the rest of the world and got very rich on book royalties!

3) SOUL MATES. A Soul Connection is one of the many ways that universe sends us opportunities to grow. Growth is rarely easy. We are often resistant to it. So the universe will combine the opportunity for growth with someone that you feel you can’t live without. Those intense feelings, that desire for a relationship with this person, is the glue that holds you there while your deepest issues are triggered. Triggered so that YOU are reminded what you need to work on for yourself in order to GROW. A soul mate is NOT the ONE person that you are destined to be with. A soul connection will turn your life upside down and leave you questioning everything that you thought you knew about yourself, your life, your views and beliefs. With this in mind, does that sound like the stuff of blissful stable relationships? NO! Because its NOT a relationship in the traditional sense. However there are scammers, (often the same ones who will sell you spells to reunite you with someone), who are dying to fill your head with a bucket load of hocus pocus nonsense about soul mates. They will imprison you in a ‘psychic waiting room hell’, encouraging you to wait for the person who is giving you mixed messages, coming into your life and leaving over and over, or even abusing you in some way. They will tell you that all you need to do is sit and WAIT for this person, that they are confused, that they love you so much and they just need time to sleep with ten other people before they can be sure that you are the ONE. They will even claim that they can predict who your soul mate is, their name and when they are going to show up. PLEASE avoid these people – they are interested in ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY – your hard earned cash. YOU create you own reality. You are not at the mercy of some idiot who is too stupid to recognize how awesome you are and you should NEVER be encouraged to WAIT for anyone. You have one life. Please don’t waste it.

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4) FAKES. Who are you REALLY speaking to? A genuine, sincere and credible psychic will not be hiding behind a fake name and stolen or photo-shopped image. People who do this can spin you amazing fairytales and feed your need for reassurance very easily, because you have NO IDEA who they are! A genuine reader is accountable. They will have a reputation to uphold and the last thing they want is to have that tarnished, and become known for scamming people. They will have a real, up to date picture of themselves and will not make outlandish claims. They will be using their real name. There will often be online evidence of the work they do on other sites.

As a psychic, the FIRST thing I pick up when I get a call is what the person is HOPING to hear. Its almost always reassurance. Their inner voice has been yelling at them for some time that something is amiss, but its very painful to face that, and they still want to believe that everything will fine. The scammers also know that this is the case, and they know that there is FAR more money to be made by selling reassurance than by selling the TRUTH. If a client is not ready to hear the truth then they may become angry, hang up, leave a negative rating and comment, and move on to the next person who may just be a scammer ready to tell them what the WANT to hear. There is therefore a choice to be made in this business. You either present yourself as honest, transparent and accountable – which means that you wont please all the people all the time, but you are also not ripping them off, or you hide behind a fake persona, spinning fairy tales that would make the Brothers Grimm look like amateurs, and laugh all the way to the bank account that is in your REAL name – the name that none of these victims will ever know. When the proverbial hits the fan you morph into someone new and do it all over again.

5) FOOLS AND THEIR MONEY. So whilst you are struggling to find your way though this minefield, keep a few things in mind. Deep inside, you already KNOW the answers. A good psychic will help to clarify what is happening, but they will NOT seek to keep you there so that they can drain your disposable income for as long as possible. If you are still at the stage where reassurance is more appealing than the truth then you are extremely vulnerable to scammers. Your life should NEVER, EVER (never ever ever), be about what someone else is thinking, feeling or intending. It should be about what YOU are thinking, feeling and intending! You are amazing. If there is someone who cannot see how awesome you are then they do NOT deserve your time and attention because they are FOOLS and the last thing you need is a FOOL, RIGHT??

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