Ten ways to empower yourself.

1) NEVER doubt your own worth. If you do not recognise your value then neither will anyone else. Your boundaries will be low or non existent, and you will allow others to take advantage and be disrespectful. You may not even be aware that they are doing it!

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2) Do not be afraid to say NO. You will never please all of the people all of the time so don’t bother trying. Give the best that you can comfortably give and when you feel that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone make it clear to those expecting more from you that this is not acceptable.

3) Be true to what you REALLY want. Compromise is good, but going with the flow just to keep the peace is not so good and will leave you feeling miserable.

4) Seek balance in your interactions with others. Its a great way to establish the dynamic of relationships. Never be the one who does all the work. Picking up the slack when someone else is not making any effort will NOT result in them suddenly trying harder. It will however result in you feel tired and resentful.

5) Communicate. If something is upsetting you do NOT bottle it up to avoid a scene. How will anyone know you are upset if you don’t tell them?

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6) Be mindful of your thought patterns. Avoid thinking or even stating that you are fat / plain / boring / ugly. There are many facets to who you are, focus on your strongest qualities and assets. No one is perfect. Silence your inner critic.
7) Seek out activities that make you happy. Things that you always enjoy no matter what else is going on in your life. Have a place to escape that is ALL YOURS and does not depend on anyone else’s participation or approval.

8) Avoid jumping into someone else’s life and activities at the expense of your own. If you have a girls night once a week make sure that you keep doing that even if you meet Mr Wonderful and want to be with him 24 / 7. You can bet that HE will not be giving up his social circle for you. Your path can run parallel to someone else’s but you should never abandon your path for theirs.

9) Look for the best in people and situations. The positive can sometimes we harder to find than the negative but it IS there and sometimes its just a matter of outlook and perspective.

10) BE HAPPY. Sometimes happiness is just a choice. You can sit in heavy traffic that will make you late for work and wind yourself up into a frenzy. Alternatively you can take it in your stride, know that getting angry wont make all the other cars disappear, and DECIDE that its still a wonderful day! You are alive and healthy. Tomorrow is not promised. Stop sweating the small stuff.

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