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By Brenda: What does your favorite color say about you, about your personality and life’s path? Our world is full of vibrant colors, each one containing an energy, vibration and spiritual association. There are even colors associated with the days of the week.

Being in touch with the colors around you and their specific properties can bring balance and happiness to your life. Working with colors has long been part of many spiritual practices. It is called colorology or color psychology.

1brenda2 All of us have a favorite color, a color we are drawn to and feel comfortable or empowered wearing it. The desire and attraction for wearing a particular color can be a subconscious action stemming from a person’s personality traits or astrological aspects. Various religions and spiritual practices often have colors associated with them like black for a priest’s cassock or the saffron robes of the Buddhist. Kings and queens of old have always been associated with the color purple. The color associations and vibrations however are not only used for garments. They are present in colored candles, crystals and gemstones even foods. Part of the mysteries contained in the Tarot cards relate to various colors and their spiritual significance. Many of these associations are based on universal truths passed down for thousands of years. Here are some of the color associations, some have planetary associations and some do not.

White: The color of purity, positive energy and spiritual light. It is associated with the Moon and the goddess of energy. White is also the color for Monday. A white candle burned on Monday opens up endless possibilities. Much like a blank sheet of white paper, white used in meditation opens up to the spiritual energy that flows all around us.

Red: The color of energy and quick action and attraction. It is associated with the planet Mars and Tuesday. Red attracts and energizes any situation. It is also the color of passion and sexual attraction. A red dress, suit or tie worn on a job interview will add a boost towards attaining your new job. A red candle can be burned for attraction and quick results for any situation.

Yellow: The color of creativity and communication is associated with the planet Mercury and Wednesday. Yellow resonates with all things on the mental plan, such as reading writing and research. Yellow worn during a school exam brings in the vibration of knowledge and memory. A yellow candle burned on Wednesday helps bring forth creative ideas.

Blue: The color of peace and healing, blue is also the color of the god/goddess and higher spiritual energy. Blue relates to the planet Jupiter and Thursday. Blue is used in all forms of energy healing where manifesting blue light and its vibration is called upon to heal body mind and spirit. A blue candle burned on Thursday can bring peace and healing to a troubled situation.

Purple: The color of royalty and spiritual and psychic energy. Purple connects with the super consciousness and is able to attract and open up psychic energy. Purple has been traditionally worn by priests, royalty and magical adepts. A purple candle can be burned to bring in psychic vision or to connect with those who have passed on.

Green: The color of prosperity and growth, money and finance. Green is the color for Friday and the planet of love Venus. It is also the color of the heart chakra. The Venusian energy of the color green brings expansion in the area of true and universal love. Green in its negative form attracts envy and jealousy. A green candle burned on Friday attracts money, prosperity and growth in all areas including good health.

Black: The color of mystery and secretiveness. Black is associated with Saturday and the planet Saturn. It is a color much like its planet, deep, mysterious and possessing mysterious knowledge. Black is also a color of protection and blocking of negative energies. A black candle burned on Saturday will bring protection and reversal of bad energies.

Gold: The color of success and positive solar energy. Gold is associated with Sunday and the Sun. It is positive, expansive and able to shed positive healing light on any situation in a person’s life. Gold clothing, jewelry and gemstones attract success in love, career and finance when worn. Gold is also the color of the God energy. A gold candle burned on Sunday will attract success to any situation.

Pink: The color of true love and universal love. Pink is the combination of the passionate, vibrant attraction energy of red and the pure spiritual color white. Wearing or using the color pink attracts a warm loving energy. A pink candle is burned to attract true love or to bring peace to a love situation.

Magenta: The color of magic and attraction of mystical and otherworldly energies. Magenta send off a very high vibration and can be used in powerful healing rituals. Magenta is the color worn traditionally by magicians, magical adepts and high priests. A magenta candle is burned to tune into the higher vibrations of the universe.

Gray: The color of balance and neutrality, grey used to diffuse situations of high or chaotic energies.

Brown: The color of grounding and earth energies, wearing and using the color brown brings in the vibration of the earth and nature. The very salt of the earth.

1brenda2 These are the most basic of the colors and their associations. There are many more variations of the colors the basic colors. Further study into the colors and their associations can be fun and bring enhancement of your daily life. Bring you out of your daily color ruts and into a whole new color adventure!

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