You Get What You Give – The Way To Get A Great Reading

By Isabella: We were there, delving deep into the past life soul connection Kim had with a man she’d been seeing. She called because the emotions were so intense she simply could not understand her fear about moving forward. They were deeply in love though he was married and in the process of dissolving his marriage; they had known each other for more than 20 years and they even had dreams about each other over the years when they had both been in different relationships. They just could not stop thinking of each other and now the opportunity was ripe for them to finally be together. So what was the problem, you ask?

isabella3 Even though they grew up together, dated briefly in their youth and now as adults had come back together, they had never made love and Kim was afraid that the sexual chemistry would not be there. But it was deeper than that…she feared he would leave his wife and kids then SHE would leave him after only a few months together. Why? Did she not trust herself? Was she afraid the sex would be bad? Was she afraid of commitment? What compelled her to be so afraid?

The answers began pouring from the heavens as I walked her through some of her previous lifetimes where she and Robert had been together. I was picking up on their karma, the lessons they had returned to heal and accomplish…it was FLOWING …then the call dropped because she was out of time! NO!!

Can you just imagine how you would feel if you were baking a pie and the oven shut off right in the middle of your baking? Well that is how a psychic feels when we can’t finish what we are bringing through for the client.

I know many of you who use psychic services have had bad experiences where you feel you have been ripped off or you feel the psychic was burning up your time with a thousand questions and slow answers…I get it. No one wants to be taken advantage of. But you also have to remember that many psychics have been burned by clients who heard the truth, instead of what they wanted to hear, only to then hang up and give a bad review to the psychic for being honest, so it works both ways.

That being said, you get what you give, you get what you pay for. Most of you know before you ever call a psychic what you are going to ask and how in depth you want your answers? Then you book 5 minutes and expect the psychic to rattle as fast as they can to accommodate your budget. I had a wonderful woman call the other day that did just the opposite. She booked 10 minutes, then talked 9 minutes and by the time I was able to get a word in edgewise to answer her, the recording came on, “You have 1 minute left!” How was I supposed to answer her ten minutes of questions in one minute? That is not fair to you or me.

No self-respecting psychic wants to rip you off. The majority of psychics, answer to a higher power and are keenly aware of the karma that would boomerang back if we ever misused our gifts for personal gain or for any other reason! I can’t speak for my colleagues but I AM HERE because I want to reach and help those I might not otherwise ever connect with and this service enables that. I AM HERE because I choose to serve others, because I want to make a difference in the lives of as many as I can AND because I sincerely rejoice in seeing YOU HAPPY. I know, it sounds hokey but it is so true. My work in the past 24 plus years has been all about assisting others in their personal transformation and it has been the most rewarding experience I could ever hope to have. Nothing is as satisfying as nailing it with accurate answers and guidance for my clients and nothing is as rewarding as hearing back from them when everything that I told them comes true.

I have a client who comes every week to see me and she has a master’s degree in quantum mechanics and a master’s degree in mathematics. She and her husband have a little boy who is 17 months old and they were wrestling with weaning him off both the breast and sleeping with them at night. She was so frantic about weaning him that she hired a counselor to tell her how to do it even though she has a daughter who is 3 and who she weaned successfully with ease.

During our last session I did what I do energetically and moved the mountain and announced that the baby would wean instantly from both boob and bed. She called within days and was elated! It worked! He slept through the night effortlessly and had no issue transitioning from breast to bottle. She was so surprised….I was not. A psychic’s gift is only as good as the person they are reading or working with. You have to actuate the guidance and determine how much of it to adhere to. She could have continued working with the lady she hired who told her it would take 6-9 months to wean her son or she could take my advice, implement my suggestions, hold the knowing that what I prayed was done even before it was and viola, get the results she sought…which is precisely what she did.

If you interrupt the train of thought of a psychic during a reading, don’t be surprised if the information coming through is also abbreviated. If you don’t allow enough time so the psychic can fully read you, then it’s on you, not the psychic. If you come to a reading with an attitude or skepticism, that is what we are going to read and you can be sure the angels will convey little or nothing at all to someone like that.

You get what you give so come to a reading prepared. Know what you are going to ask; allow enough time for the psychic to pull all the information you want; be prepared to hear what you may not be expecting and be glad for it, at least you know there is honesty at work. The easiest thing for a psychic to do is to tell you what you want to hear so you are happy and come back time and time again for repeat readings. No psychic is responsible for your emotions or your happiness; all we can do is tap in and deliver the information that lives in the highest plane of existence, also known as ‘higher will.” What you do with that information is up to you. But too remember, that a reading is guidance and a way to help you discern what direction to go in but YOU still have to lead the way.

If it resonates as truth for you then go with it but if you have any doubt of the information you might want to consider calling another psychic to compare answers or you may even try meditating on it and praying about it first before calling a psychic. Then the psychic can verify or validate what you are sensing or feeling or steer you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Whatever you choose to do just remember that psychics are not blue light specials at Kmart, we are humans, some highly evolved and others not so much, but humans none the less. Most of us work hard to ensure our accuracy by praying for accurate answers the minute the phone rings. Many of us are genuine, loving and caring souls who are here to help you. Treat your reader with respect and be kind, you catch more flies with honey that you do with venom or angst and it behooves you to be calm so we can really tune into your authentic self.


Wishing you great readings whomever you call and hoping to have the opportunity to serve and guide you.

With beams of Love, Light and Laughter,


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