When will I meet my soulmate?

It is such a common question and a deep longing that all of us have within us and have asked through our lifetime at some stage. This question also comes as a Catch 22 as well. How will anyone ever know who their Soulmate is or when that will happen? Yet, there are many ways we can prepare ourselves. And our actions today, create our tomorrows.

When we are longing to meet our Soulmate, that one person who will come in and change our world and create the life we imagined together – we are coming from a space of lack. There may be like an empty hole within us and we are wanting someone to fill that space. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting a partner!! Yet, let’s be mindful of what space you are coming from. From a space of lack and longing – or from an empowered place of BEING and alignment?

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Think of the qualities you want from a partner – be VERY clear. Write them down. The New Moon is the best time to write these down, yet don’t let the timing of the moon stop your clarity and manifestation process! Now it is time to reflect on those qualities. Are you living them, these qualities that you desire in a partner?

You see, whatever you are longing for, you are telling the Universe that you don’t have these… so you are going to attract the emptiness, the longing that you feel. Even if you do attract a relationship you may notice that whilst some things tick the boxes, other things don’t seem to line up. You may have a relationship already – but do you still feel empty?

The key when asking when will you meet your Soulmate – or if the person I am with is my Soulmate – look for the qualities you would like in a Soulmate and ask your self if you are living them. If you are not – time to get to work! When you begin living the keys to a Soulmate that you long for, you will find that you won’t be longing for one anymore. When this happens – your Soulmate will turn up in your life. It is the Law of Attraction. Be it, then the Universe will reflect that to you.

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If you are already in a relationship and wondering if they are your Soulmate, again, notice what it is your are longing for that you are not receiving in relationship and then ask yourself if you can give this to yourself. Once you start doing this, you will notice whether your partner ‘turns up’ to your relationship in new ways you never thought possible – miracles and transformations occur when you begin to fill your own cup, allowing yourself to BE the Soulmate you want. Or, you will find that your current relationship will possibly end, to allow your true Soulmate to enter.

That’s when you will meet your Soulmate – when you are BEING the Soulmate qualities you long for. If you need help picking out the bits you want in a Soulmate and figuring out how to do that yourself, I can help you to understand yourself more, to BE the Soulmate you want and attract the life you want to live – NOW.

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