What is the universe telling me today?

If you are anything like I was as a child you would have spent hours looking up at the sky making pictures out of the clouds. This as a child came very easy for me and interpreting imagery is one of the skills that I use most in my psychic work and magical lifestyle. This is because connecting with image/s is something that humans have done for millennia. It helps us to create meaning out of the world in which we live and go about our lives.

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But did you know that the universe can talk to us through those images? Take for example tea leaf reading. This is a process whereby the reader uses the tea leaves in the cup to predict the future. This is done by analysing the shapes that the tea falls in and certain images mean certain things. One can see amazing, wonderful things in the tea leaves, like a new relationship (Heart), a marriage (Ring), or good luck( 4 leaf clover).

But image analysis  can be taken a step further and it is in the Tarot. There are many different types of Tarot decks, one to suite every taste and personal interest. From the famous Rider Waite deck and Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot through to the obscure such as Cat people tarot and even the Gay mens tarot. You name it there is a deck to match your taste.

Regardless of which tarot you use, each card will have some sort of image on it which in some way corresponds to the meaning of the card. But for now I will talk about the Rider Wait because that is the most widely used deck.

In the Rider Waite, by Edward Rider Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, there are 78 cards. Twenty two of those are Major Arcana (Major Life lessons or turning points) and 56 minor Arcana (Day to day issues and activities). The purpose of the imagery on the card is to help contain the meaning in such a way that once looked at it instantly invokes meaning and then when combined with other cards it tells a story. Its a bit like a picture book for adults that expresses our lives and attitudes with the people around us and the world in general. The images on the cards when used as a deck can express every human situation from birth to death.

When a tarot reader connects with the images on the cards and connects with their higher self they use the images to help create an altered state of consciousness and bring through the information which usually, but not always, comes as images, sounds, feelings, smells, colours and thoughts. Its these images that are interpreted and then the message is delivered. Bare in mind that this is usually done on command for a trained psychic and takes many many years of practice.

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Image can be a powerful thing if you understand the message behind it. Have you ever found a feather and the first thing you think is “Oh an angels feather”? This is not likely to be an actual Angels Feather but it reminds you that you are being watched over, right? Next time you see a feather on the ground note its colour because it could be that same angel trying to give you a message: Brown (good health) Green (adventure) Black and White(trouble averted) or Yellow( be wary of false friends). Its these same forces that are with us always, even in our dreams.

Although we may not remember our dreams upon waking we can learn from our Angels each time we sleep through an other very visual medium, dreams. Dreaming is a good way to receive guidance from the Angels and Spirit alike. Dream imagery can tell you a lot about coming weeks, months and even years. When you know how to interpret a dream, or have a good psychic whom can do it for you, you can see a lot about why your life is the way it is and where it is going. Feelings in the dream are just as important and the imagery and characters. But a great place to start is by purchasing a good dream dictionary.

Healers use images as well. Everybody is familiar with Reiki Symbols and Zibu Angelic symbols if your not the just google it you will be amazed at what you can find. Healing is always growing as a medium as are the techniques of psychics and mediums but one thing always remains the same and its been that way since the caveman days, IMAGE is everything and how you react or interact with the images of your life can help you to heal and create lasting change.

Its all a matter of perspective and questioning things around you. Things you see or feel or hear or taste. With a lot of practice you can even read the clouds in the sky. After all its spirit who put them there, right?

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Reiki Master and trained ThetaHealer Christopher is a prophetic dreamer whom has always had spiritual experiences in his life. Due to a difficult childhood he turned to Spirituality at the age of seventeen when he picked up his first tarot deck. His reading style is very warm and caring and he delivers messages from the 5th dimension and Angelic Realm in a way that always leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

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