How To Know If You Are Psychic

You are. Everyone is. Thanks for reading my blog!

Now that we have cleared that up it doesn’t mean everyone knows or uses their 6th sense. In a world overrun with technology, in a world which has been muted by white noise or the standard sounds of a day in the life of humanness, it is easy to see why so many people are completely oblivious to their sensory perceptions.

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The facts are that every human being is comprised of the same ingredients and those include the ability to tap into other worlds and to access higher answers and solutions. So why are so many people walking around in a state of confusion and why are the psychic hot lines flooded with calls? Because many people lack the discipline or patience to develop their own gifts OR they are on a spiritual path trying to learn how to hone them, and where best to learn how to do that, than from a professional psychic!

Many with extraordinary spiritual gifts relish the opportunity to teach others how to access their own gifts and how to polish each one. The higher your abilities the more you want to share them and the more you find it a responsibility to teach others this way of life…and it is just that. It is not a novelty as some may think, but it is a true way of life. Learning to hear your guides and angels, learning to discover your own past lives and heal what’s left over from them, is transformational. But you may also need to speak with others like those of us here on Lifereader in order to validate the information you are getting. Even professionals take advantage of that option when they are uncertain of the information.
Being intuitive requires a few key elements. First you have to develop your spiritual nature because the more you strip away the ego, the more those gifts are uncovered. If you are not on a spiritual path and you choose to tap into the psychic realm, be cautioned because without a spiritual foundation, you are tapping into Wicca or the darker realm. You have to be clear where and to what you are aligning your intentions. The misuse of psychic gifts comes with a very high price. Remember, that whatever you do to another WILL BE DONE TO YOU multiplied! So best to ensure you are working with angels verses working with the darkness or witches or other retarded forms of light.

Another element to intuition is learning how to trust what you are getting. There is a particular gauge I use when deciphering information I am getting for myself or others.
First, was it previously in your thoughts or consciousness? In other words, did you see it on television or in a movie or perhaps did you read it in a book? Did a friend mention something similar to the information you are receiving? Pure information from angels and Spirit is usually unexpected and uncontrived. There is no agenda either, which brings us to the second element of authentic intuition.

If you have a personal agenda, such as want, need, control, fear, ego, desperation, or any other lower emotion, you will corrupt the information. You bend it to “FIT” what you need or want rather than hearing what is the actual highest and best. If you are reading another human being and you allow your own emotional projections to taint the information, they will get a false or inaccurate reading. The best psychics are those whom have mastered a certain level of detachment so they can remove any emotional attachments to outcomes. For example, if the reader has previously had a bad relationship, a good reader is able to prevent interjecting their own hurts, fears or jaded beliefs into the reading they are doing for another person. A good reader will also be able to avoid getting caught up in their client’s wave of emotions as well.

Another aspect to a heightened state of intuition is flow. Many readers and psychics will tell you that it was as if someone was controlling their thoughts or what came out of their mouth. The pure energy of other worldly information is propelled like a force of light which flows with no thought of what is coming out. I did a reading on a gentleman this morning and he asked about his career and when he would become employed. Suddenly I was seeing him having his own business in 5 years with 2 partners. Since there is no time on the other side, often information will come about the future. I just had a former client tell me that something I told him 10 years ago had just come true. Ten years ago I told him that he and his wife would eventually move from one state to another and would retire there…that is precisely what happened but he did not remember it until he was signing the papers on the new house he just purchased there. He was to say the least, in awe that it actually came true.

Learning to hone your psychic gifts comes with practice, perseverance and patience. But it also is accompanied by pure intent and a pure heart. Those are the elements which quicken and sharpen intuition.

Another key ingredient is listening. Being able to hear audibly that which comes from the extraordinary, is a fine art and one which is diluted by over-emoting, forgetting to or passing up the many opportunities in a day to go within and meditate or allowing the ego to get in the way. If your intentions are to simply make money or to feed your ego and test the heavens, you will fail miserably as an intuitive but more you will bring on some serious negative karma.

“To much whom is given, much is expected” and those of us who do this work are very clear that we have an enormous responsibility to be as accurate and helpful as is possible. We know that using our gifts wisely is critical and we are keenly aware not to bend the bi-laws of the universe in order to make a buck or for self-serving purposes.

If you would like to know more about how to polish your own intuition or how to meditate in order to access more from the spiritual world, get in touch with me, I have been teaching this work since my death in the Alps 23 years ago. I would love the opportunity to help you evolve and become your own guru and sage. God bless and sending you all,

Beams of Love, Light and Laughter,

Isa (Isabella on Lifereader)

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