DIY Magic Floor Wash

By Kaitlin: It is coming up to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us are still struggling with the transition from Winter through Spring. This is “moving” season, too- relocating, redecorating; garage sales are around every corner on the weekends and change is in the air!

When you move out of a place, it is important that you have removed your influence from it. Likewise, when you move into a new place, it is a lot more comfortable for you if the previous resident’s influence is gone. Some of the simplest ways to do that are a little light dusting and a quick floor wash- the latter of which can easily be altered into an extra-potent cleaning spell, all using items from your home, grocery store, or farmer’s market.

kaitlin3 What you will need:
– A mop and bucket full of hot water (the hotter the better!)
– Lemon juice
– Lavender essential oil
– A few sprigs of fresh Mint
– A pinch of Rosemary
– One Bay Leaf per room to be cleaned

Begin with your bucket full of water. Add lemon juice- it works best if you squeeze the juice straight from the lemon into the water, but store-bought lemon juice works, too. You want enough to be able to smell the lemon. Lemon is good both spiritually and physically; spiritually, it will help to boost energy. Physically, it will act as a fragrance and will do much of the “cleaning” part. Next, add 5-10 drops of Lavender oil. Make sure it is natural! Synthetic Lavender will not work the same way. Lavender will bring peace to your space, as well as help to keep the energy aided by the Lemon to flow and focus. Drop in your Mint sprigs. Mint is an excellent cleansing herb, in all areas. It is also known to hold antimicrobial properties. Add Rosemary- Fresh or dried sprigs or leaves work best, but powdered is fine. Rosemary is a spiritual purifier, and banishes negative energy. Finally, drop in one Bay Leaf for every room you are going to mop. Bay Leaves are highly potent against negative energy and unwelcome spirits, as well as protecting the home in general.

Mix up your concoction- Don’t use the mop! Before you dirty the spell water, take a cup or container of it to every room you will not be mopping. Dip your fingers into it and flick it into the corners of each of those rooms. Empty what remains back into the bucket, and get mopping!

While you do your task, picture the type of environment you want to be in. Imagine a safe, comfortable, clean home. Imagine a home free of argument and spite, one where conversations are easy and natural, where you can truly be you. Imagine a place where negative attitudes are not welcome, where negative and toxic people will not stay for long.
Focus on all the things you want your home to be.

Put thought into each individual room as you clean it, too. If it is a place of sleep or rest, visualize that it is comfortable and relaxing. A place of socialization should be warm and open, somewhere you could sit and talk for hours. Your eating space should feel clean and unburdened.

When you have finished mopping, take a cloth and go over every one of your window sills. This will keep an avenue open for energy to come and go, without getting stuck and becoming stagnant. Consider giving an extra wipe-down to doorways as well.

Now that your house is nice and cleansed, take your bucket outside and empty the water into the Earth. As all of the ingredients are completely natural, it will nourish the Earth and feed Her, and in return She will help to perpetuate the spell. If you live in an apartment building, or the middle of the city with nowhere to take it, a much less glamorous way to return the water is to empty it into running water- a flushing toilet counts, just make sure to flush before you start pouring, so the water is constantly moving.

If you like to smudge with sage, now would be the best time- before the water is completely dried. You may find you need to smudge much less for a little while, as the cleaning spell will take care of much of the problems.


Now, go forth and decorate- make your house your home, now that the energy is moving and ready to assist!

Blessed Be, Love and Light,


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