Be In Love, Everyday

By Teressa: With Valentine’s day upon us, there comes a sense of urgency from hearts all over the world, wishing they could be in that bubble of loving energy. The building of loneliness and emptiness that lies inside the beating heart, resonates far too much collectively. Each soul searching endlessly for something that tells them they are loved, needed or wanted. Seeking out validation from an external source to show us that we are lovable, casts no doubt over our deepened sense of belonging. Needing a label to confine and capture what you have always held within you all along.  


This sense of being in love has the ability to move mountains, change lifestyles and bring about some tremendous energetic shifts. Love is after all the answer and the cure. Although, I would like to remind you that you yourself are all the love you need, you are enough. The way we see love external to ourselves is a direct result of how we were raised to view love as a child.  

If love came with a price what kind of love would you be purchasing? 

We were taught what was classed as good and what was classed as bad. We were shown what love looked like through how we were treated in our childhood. We were told that love was an action not an emotion when it was kept from us in times of trouble, we had to dim our love light because we were told this was not love, our emotions needed controlling so love was made to look more like a chore than a feeling. We were shown how to respond to love offered by how much love we had been given. Withholding love only teaches us that love is evil, that is why you must remember you are loved, always, everyday. Love is your birthright, love is your language. 

So, decades later as you finish out yet another unsuccessful union, failed attempt at true love, if you are just trying to secure that ever-elusive partnership or better the relationship you have, you start coming to the bitter realization that you could be the cause for the lack of success or attainment within a connection. You should have tried harder, or you should do more, be more, say less and so on. But, the reality is as we begin to compartmentalize from a victim mindset, we want to try harder, be better do better. Does this mean that you aren’t enough in yourself already? No!  

This just means that you still have unhealed parts of yourself that need to be addressed, balanced and transmuted. By understanding why we do something at the core of the issue, you are less likely to repeat these cycles over and over, you will begin to attract in the love you truly deserve and those that were meant to teach us about ourselves and what we needed to relearn will no longer resonate at our energetic frequency. 

This control drama we place on ourselves was created in the belief that love was meant to look and feel a certain way, we labelled it and bottled it, and in doing so we reduced the natural glow of a thing ever flowing, authentic and abundant. 

We set these self-limiting beliefs about love in direct reflection of what we have control over. It is when love has been given its own day to exploit the truest form of our soul, that it becomes an omen to itself. Oppressive layers of energy envelop unhealed parts of the collective self-loathing and social standards. 

Putting a price on love de-values the core depth and value love shows through compassion and kindness. 

Now I’m not saying “Don’t celebrate valentines day,” I am just saying be love, every day, don’t wait for a singular day to show who you truly are, a container for a galaxy that lies within.  

Instead of showcasing love to an external source, remember that it comes from within first. If we are not loving ourselves first, how can we be feeding others with our love? 

One calendar day to show love does not prove love, but loving yourself every day, being in tune with love most certainly will. 

So, take yourself to dinner, go to the movies, buy yourself that too expensive gift, walk among the trees, or wade in the ocean, whatever it is that invokes a sense of empowerment to bring you closer to your divine self. By igniting your own love light, you raise your vibration, projecting a hologram that attracts exactly what you have been seeking. All you have to do is hold the vision and trust the process. 


Light and Love,


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