Are You In An Unrequited Love Situation?

By Gertrude: How long have you been ‘waiting’ for the person you love to realize the connection between you? If it has been more than 5 minutes, then you’ve wasted 4. This is not a time to wait. This is the most fertile and nourishing time of your life. 

When you are waiting for someone they are forging ahead, often we get ourselves in an unrequited love situation, this for some of us can border on obsession. So it is important to acknowledge how much time we have spent thinking about the person and the situation.
If someone has told you they don’t want a relationship, or they have stopped contact with you, believe them the first time. We can never change anyone’s mind about important life decisions. Who you choose as your life partner is the most important one of all.

When we love someone who is incapable of loving us back and they have to walk away, understand that many people feel a strong sense of guilt. This guilt drives them further away and isn’t what you want to be the glue for a relationship. How would you feel if the roles were reversed, how would you react?

Rejection hurts even when it is in our best interest to move on from a situation. However, if you tap into that too much, it can erode your ability to move on. You functioned before you met them, so sometimes we just need to press the reset button.

If you are unhappier as a result of someone bringing their energy and love into your life, then you have to be kind to yourself. It is never okay to be unhappy in love, understand you deserve more. Sometimes we simply aren’t the right person for them. No one is to blame, it is just that right here, right now the other person is on their own soul journey.

Acknowledge that you cannot change the situation, you have the loyalty to yourself to accept that. A physical or emotional hurt feels the same and needs the same care and nurturing. Often we expect to just wake up one morning and we are okay. The truth is we wake up one morning and realize that we haven’t thought about the past for a while. That you are healing. 

You are not alone. You have the most incredible friend in yourself. This is where you learn to enjoy your own company. Where you no longer allow people drain your amazing core and energy.

This is also a time of forced introspection where we check to see if this is a repeated pattern. A great time to heal rifts from the past. The fear of abandonment from the past can be as traumatic as being in a physical altercation. Right now you can heal these wounds.

Often we grieve for people who are here, for relationships that never worked out. A lifestyle of for those things we missed out on, that wasn’t our fault or the result of any decision we made. Often we yearn for an outcome in our lives. Take the time to analyze what you are really yearning for. It is never wise to look for fulfillment in another person or an event in the future. Mindfulness and fulfillment are ours to enjoy.

Take this incredible beautiful time for you. If you would like a holistic counselling session, so that together we can look for insight as to the best path for you as an individual and to have your best outcome.

As a holistic counselor it is often the case that thoughts around this other person become somewhat obsessional. If this has happened to you, there is no need to worry. There are some amazing ways in which you can create and maintain positive thoughts. This is a time of transitions for you and transition is confronting, even when it is good for us.

Everything in life has an expiry date before transforming into another realm. This includes our opportunities with people. So that no amount of waiting no matter how strong the synergy you share will have the outcome you want. Right now you are being asked to step out of your heart’s illusions into having realistic expectations. Expectations that are vibrant with new potential and opportunity.

As you counselor, I would love to look into the thoroughfares of new activity and how you can actively participate to make the next level of your life where you draw the love you deserve. Where you can love and be loved in return.

Together we will unveil how you can now take control from here. Take back your power. You already are and have all that you need. All birth comes from within. Harness all of your wisdom and hindsight and form solid pillars that support you through life. A meantime always heralds the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Love and Light,


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