50 Shades of Grey. Kicking a taboo topic

Lust, Love, sex, passion, romance, what is your relationship Type! Now this topic is a little different, slightly border line to what some may normally talk about, but I feel it is very necessary to discuss this topic! with the new release of 50 Shades of Grey out now, this movie topic has raised many questions to many women (and men) struggling with their relationships, seeking change, finding things a little ‘boring’, or simply interested in spicing things up!

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Filled with Chemistry, strong physical attraction, continual sexual passion and love? Slightly Old fashioned, not so passionate and sexual yet a strong love and understanding? Sensual and spiritual with a deep love and connection? Romantic and filled with connecting energy and unconditional love? Robotic with little sexual passion, connection and love yet a happy friendship. What is your relation Type?? What do you seek? Or is your relationship perfect the way it is?

Many times we often come to a point where we question our relationships, their direction, where it is heading, many give up rather easily as they do not always see the light through the tunnel. Now todays topic I will not be focusing on ‘spiritual connection’ and ‘love’ I will be focusing on something a little different something people often don’t focus on so much, something that indeed has great importance within a relationship, yes you guessed it that is Sex and passion. A very natural thing, yet an untouched taboo topic. Lets break that taboo today and get talking.

Now, Love. spiritual attraction, being able to connect and communicate these are all so vital within a healthy relationship but one thing we often forget the importance of is the physical connecting of our bodies’ We often pinpoint and blame our partners for many things, wondering why they do not understand us or connect with us anymore? Why do I feel so distant? Through my experience working with people and my studies in human behaviour and psychology, I must tell you that Sex is a great factor, without it distance, loss of love and spiritual connection can indeed occur, with it, continuous chemistry and spiritual attraction will continue within your relationship. Which results in happy people. And with happy people you result in a happy relationship. Simple!

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Now to most you may think ‘sex’ or ‘making love’ is physical only. This is far from the truth. Within a relationship, the sharing of a physical connection is indeed a spiritual experience, By connecting and physically feeling good not only are you taking away the tensions and everyday stress that can sometimes make a relationship slowly wither away over time, but you are spiritually soul to soul connecting, through this clash of energy you are renewing energy and letting go of any negative old energy, you are connecting so deeply that you without thought love this person more and feel closer and more drawn. People often forget the importance of physically connecting, of sex! Whether your relationship is new and exciting or 20 years old, its important to remind yourself of balance of all types of connection, and to not disregard one very important one that you can share with your partner.

Now I know it may seem a little awkward talking about this today, but it is important for me to kick this taboo topic to the curb! The truth is I have worked with so many people in struggling relationships, I have helped many individuals overcome and grow their relationships, to get to a happier and more vibrant place in life now so often times ( not always) but so often the key factors point back to the ‘lack of of physical connection’ most commonly in older relationships. Now 50 Shades of Grey whether you have or have not seen it, although we are not speaking about this movie as such the reason why I mentioned it in the beginning is it has indeed motivated and fueled me, as 50 Shades of Grey is a movie which kicks a Taboo topic, Just like I am today. A movie of Lust, passion and love and physical connection.

The next time you feel stress within your relationship, before becoming quick to judge, to blame, quick to be upset, to lose hope, try to put all of those worries away and enjoy the physical company of your other half, your partner, your lover. Try to see the power of what continuous sex and passion can do in your relationship, how it can help love to grow, understanding, spiritual connection. That 3 letter word, we often don’t speak about has so much important in the help of a healthy, happy and balanced relationship. So If you are feeling like your relationship is on edge, you are losing hope and feeling distant, try to light a candle, get romantic, fill your bed with roses and spoil your partner, connect physically and enjoy each others energy in this way, with continuous efforts to ‘spice’ things up in your relationship you will be surprised how things can fast transform and grow in every other way.

As I have said it once i will say it again. Happy People, Happy relationship.

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