2020 Valentines Day

By Ann: Hello guys and girls! Love and Romance is in the air, as well as Flowers, chocolates and love cards. This is a special day full of love and emotion, it means a lot to many people. Being loved makes you feel fuzzy inside, there are many people who do not have a valentine in their lives and this article is to wish everyone a Happy Saint Valentine’s day and to let you know you are loved by the universe and the Angels.

Love is very important to all people and all living things, I believe love is the key to health and well-being, and of course do not forget to love yourself.


This year is going to be full of love and happiness and this is the year that you take it with both hands, Hang on to love, do not push it away and if you see yourself pushing love away, grab hold of it, do not let it escape you.

Even though It is just one day, why not make it every day you show someone love, after all how do you feel when someone comes up and hugs you? kisses you? And is kind to you?

It is an amazing feeling when one of your children say “I love you mum and dad”, or when your parents say “I love you”. Often, we forget in our busy lives to stop and look around and we forget about how to love, if this is you then make the changes, You need to give love to receive love and when you do, you will feel happy inside. Love is what makes the world go round and the support of people when you are down and out. The Angels love you, even if you do not believe in them, they will make sure a certain event happens for you to bring happiness and inner peace to you at this time.

Saint Valentine was a good man, because of the help he gave to people and the way he helped Christians. From being tortured, he fell in love and wrote a note to the girl he loved on this day. You see, there are so many stories of love and how to be loved, I feel once you take out the expectations on love then the love becomes pure again. I believe you love to be loved and if you do not think you are loved by anyone then you need to love oneself, But, always keep in mind out of love, Saint valentine helped a lot of people, in his lifetime. Saint Valentine was a man full of compassion, empathy and he knew the meaning of love for the good things he did.

Always remember what you put out is also what you get back. Saint Valentine has this day in remembrance of love. So, make this day change your life always give love, then you will be connected to the universe. And see this year change your life for you to be in a better place and have inner peace. And to be the person you really want to be,

So many people say I am alone on Valentine’s day. Let me tell you, there has not been one day you have been alone, the Angels have been with you from the very beginning of your existence. Think about it, if Valentines day was every day and all humanity just loved one another there would be world peace.


Happy Valentines day!

Hugs, Love and Light,


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