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About Vito

I am a Psychic Spiritualist and I use a lot of tools in my Readings. The Elements, Pendulum, Energy healing, and I have been using my auras and being a clairsentience for 18 years experience in the field of spiritualism, psychism, readings and healing.

I have solved a lot of problems and issues on relationship, finances, past life, personal and family matters. I have many life experiences add valuable insight to my readings and my clients have come to rely on my positive, helpful and encouraging approach. Most of my callers define me as a Helpful, Empathic, Accurate, Compassionate and Genuine.

My Readings are very accurate and they always reveal positive things to expand on, no matter how challenging my client’s life seems. I take my gifts very seriously and I like to focus on what I can do to help them. I am a very efficient reader; I can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. I am very straightforward, inspirational and passionate about making a difference in all of my client’s life.

I am as well an Astrologer, Paranormalist, past life therapist, and I am a leading expert in psychic powers and teacher, working in the spiritual arena for 18 years. Aura energy readings-- metaphysical science, Healing, Tarot, expert reader Adviser for personal and relationship matters --compatibility analysis, marriage, money, career, health and wealth.

For short, helping people in different areas of life problems. I will empower you to move forward in your life path with a positive and productive motivation to reach your potential. My primary aim is to help you align with true purpose and bring enlightenment to all. Get ready for your life to change for the better!

Other Languages: Italian

My Experience:

18 years of experience in the field of spiritualism, psychic reading, mantic arts, metaphysical science and psychology.
Award -life member of AMI Academy of sciences (Milan) Italy.
Degree in metaphysical sciences (Canterbury University)
Diplomas in Mind Therapy and psychotherapy
Diploma of astrology
Diploma of Feng Shui (Geomancy)
Certificate 2 of Reiki
Certificate of Pranic Healing
Director, Academy of Psychic Mesmerism & The Psychic training school.

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