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About Sofia

Thank you for visiting my profile!

If you are here, it means that you are serious about making big changes in your love life and leave once and for good the past behind! 

If you are about to make the most amazing gift to yourself, wouldn’t you choose real, amazing, passionate, lasting love? Of course you would, because you deserve it! 

Reality though isn't always simple as that! Things don't always work out as we hoped... 

Do you find it somewhat hard to meet new people? 

Have you been dating guys that simply after a while walk away for no particular reason, leaving you wondering what might happen? 

Do you always feel uncertain about where things go after dating a guy?

Do you often meet guys who avoid commitment? 

If any of the above sound like a scenario of your life, then I can help you fast track Mr. Right, without wasting your time and avoiding all the hurt and drama!


With over 10 years of experience as a intuitive advisor and women’s coaching expert in dating, love and relationships I can bring the best in you for creating real and lasting love in your life!

With my intuitive gifts I can help you:

 1. Become more aware of the current situation and gain clarity 

 2. Uncover karmic challenges in your love life

 3. Discover your best options for moving forward

4. Help you better understand the person that matters to you most.

As a dating, love and relationships coach I can reveal you:

Secret communication ways in how to talk to men 
Provide you valuable advice and everything you need at any stage of dating 
Help you become an expert in attraction 
Share with you my expertise in better understanding men so you can find Mr.Right and create your dream relationship.

Are you ready to meet and keep the love of your life? Don’t wait another day! 

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