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Down to earth, relationship expert. Honest & accurate.
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About Skye

I had my first psychic experience at a young age. I started to get film clip images in my mind, which evidently turned out to be accurate events. My first medium experience started when my father died and realized I could connect with him in spirit.

I am also a trained counsellor and life coach and have helped many people with their problems specializing in relationships, break ups and family topics and my main goal is to help you find love, success, and answers to troubling questions.

I am a great empath and have great understanding of people's emotions. I will help you work out answers to your questions and will give you accurate predictions into your future.

Please contact me if you wish to be guided onto your path of happiness and freedom by providing answers to your questions and solutions to your problems with accurate convictions and direct approach.

I have a degree in counselling.

Claircognizant and Clairvoyant

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