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Honest readings on relationships/ career/ healing.

Sheri provides honest, precise, straightforward readings on relationships, money, life, career, spiritual guidance and healing.  She is open minded,non-judgmental and will explain the glorious possibilities of your future and the significance of your past and present.

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About Me

I provide messages and information through contact with your spirit guides and angelic messengers as well as my own. All messages received from your guides come from a place of love, honesty and never fear.

This allows me to give you the information you seek on love, money, life and soul purpose, manifesting your dreams, career, family relationships, spiritual guidance, healing your past and living your best future or just working out life's daily kinks. Because of personal experience with suicide, death, abuse and loss, I am able to hone my intuitive skills and be compassionate in circumstances that are beyond one's control and assist you in getting past the pain.

Spiritual counseling is also healing. As an Empath, I can tune into your energy to provide guidance and as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, I have the insight to assist you with healing in all areas of your life. There is never judgment based on lifestyle, your past or present situation or sexuality. I also work with totems and can help you to discover your totems or what they represent in your life.



Relationships - love, family, friends, LGBT Angel Readings Intuitive Readings Oracle Readings Life Coach Spiritual Counseling Dream Interpretation Spirit Guide Readings Religion Answers Reiki Master/Teacher Medical Reiki Master TM certified by Raven Keyes Ordained Minister Vision Workshops Meditation Meetups Egyptian Numerology Spiritual Awakening E-Course - Connecting To Your Source (creator and teacher).

I am also on a Shaman's journey at this time which allows me to connect with the ancient guides. I have studied under Mandaza Kandemwa, a traditional healer (Shaman) from Zimbabwe Africa. I have also been featured and interviewed on Michael Pierich's (The Healed Spirit) webinar and on Keith Anthony Blanchard's radio show The Searcher's Roadmap.


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