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Intuitive clairvoyant. Answers to real life issues.

Sandra is an expert intuitive clairvoyant who specializes in love and romantic relationships. She can help guide you to the right solution to get you the best outcome possible

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About Me

My goal is to help you to view the paths that are open to you and the approximate timing in which things may occur in order to bring some clarity so you may explore your options.

The insight into the possibilities is what I offer. Free will of choice is yours and free will is forever changing. The only consistency in our universe is change. So please realize, the energy picked up shows the paths and openings (or lack of) around you at the moment. Nothing is written in stone. A reading will not solve your problems overnight but it is a powerful tool. It can help you to realize that events can be altered and influenced by will. We are not helpless bystanders. 

But you must also realize, someone else's Karmic path may be different from what "you" wish it to be. 

I will tell the truth as I perceive it-that is my responsibility. Hopefully this will not be painful but if so I will walk through it with you. 

Please remember, not to focus so much on the destination but to enjoy the journey because that after all is all there is.
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Claircognizance (knowing)
Clairsentience (feeling/touching)
Clairvoyant (seeing)
Age (living)

I am also an evolving student of Tai-Chi which I have studied for nine years. This keeps me centered and balanced. Being a professional watercolorist has allowed me to tune into nature and to use color to help people change their moods. A member of IMPART, I also work as an Intuitive Life Consultant.

Member of the Learning Light Foundation.


1067 Feedback & Reviews

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