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Using tarot and coloured ribbons as tools to connect.
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About Paul

I cut my teeth with a Marcella deck of tarot cards which were very hard to connect with but clearly not impossible. After a lot of reluctance, I gave a reading to a friend and predicted the publication of a book which I didn't think was too amazing as I knew this was her ambition but a few days later I was told that the information in the reading was way beyond what anyone had been told and her book was in the process of being published to be released on the date I had mentioned. I was amazed and then had more confidence in what I was doing. Since then, I developed the use of colored ribbons to enhance the readings and will often use them at the start of a reading to tune into what is going on with the client at the time, before bringing in the cards to expand the whole reading in more detail. I usually provide lasting resolutions to the problems that reoccur in your life. I also make sure that every reading, I hone and improve my meditative state for my readers.

As a Reiki Practitioner and a practicing Wiccan/Pagan, this all started to fit naturally into my life and so I began doing professional readings online. This was part-time, alongside my nursing career for several years before I decided to go full time into psychic readings and have never looked back. I like my clients to be open and proactive during the reading as this helps us to connect better and get more from what we are doing, but I also like the clients to take something positive away and realize that they hold the power to make the necessary changes to enhance their own life. After all, we are here to help and guide, not make the decisions for them or take away the responsibility. I am  upfront and honest and not only accurate at past and present situation, but can also predict your near future.

I also like my clients to remember that I am not a Medium, I am a Psychic Healer and therefore I work with the past, present and future of the person I am reading for with the goal to enhance their life and guide them toward to the correct path for them to live the best life possible. My readings are here to offer clarity, guidance, healing and kindness to those who need it and are open to it and I treat everyone as an individual with no discrimination of any kind.

My Qualifications are:

I am a qualified Reiki level 2 Practitioner for which I trained in 2010 and have found this to be an invaluable part of my life and work. This enables me to send distant healing to those who need it and helps me to tune into to people's energy on a deeper level.

As a practicing Wiccan/Pagan, my whole life is a spiritual path. I am knowledgeable in ways of cleansing energies, psychic protection and simple rituals to improve everyday life which are things I am always happy to share with clients.

I hold a certificate in Basic Counselling Skills which I have found very useful in this line of work as it taught me how to listen to people and their problems without judgment, and how to encourage them to open up more about what is troubling them.

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