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About Patty

I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant/Intimacy Coach. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt connected to that burning fire within was? I make sure your readings are as positive as possible, but also straightforward. I see pictures of your future and prefer calls about love and relationships, career questions, and future paths. No matter your mood when you first connect, I want you to leave your reading in a positive frame of mind.  

I provide insight and inspiration as well as compassion. I approach all my readings with an open mind. I’ve even been referred, as being disarmingly honest, simply put, because I care. What truly breaks my heart, is when people choose to stay in loveless relationships, accepting that as ‘Gospel’... Believing that is all they deserve. My special powers is the ability to connect YOU to your Soul, to your gentle heart, whilst guiding you with my deep intuitive heart work. I hear details even if they seem unrelated to the question. They often reveal something that's on your mind that you haven't verbalized. I'm empathic so I can connect with someone's feelings, even if they try to hide them. I offer suggestions to help my clients understand that there are choices in life based upon clarity and wisdom. I help my clients choose the best path. It may not be the easiest path, but one directed towards a view of what they truly desire. 

 Let me guide YOU and lead YOU on your path, through my deep intuitive work, that will inspire and heal core hurts and wounds. Tap into your self-expression and wholeheartedly connect to you! I honor my gift and hopes that after a reading with me, you will feel more balanced with a better sense of direction so that you feel happier and grounded in your life. I deliver what I see with sensitivity, I will not sacrifice the truth to spare your feelings. 

Many people look at a situation negatively or feel it is bigger than it is. I believe I am here to help show you that no matter how bad a situation is, it can always have a happy and positive ending. I will never tell you simply what you want to hear. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in love/relationship and career. Growing up, I could feel and visualize situations before they happened. As I got older, I began to truly understand my gift, and I began to communicate with spirits and help others with their personal issues and existential questions. I believe a psychic reading should provide you with peace of mind, closure and a new beginning. Through kindness and truth, I look to help you discover the plethora of possibilities within your future. My desire is to truly comfort and guide. I am an instrument to help others on their journey. 

My Experience: 
Intuitive Intimacy Coach
Gifted Energy Healer 
Spiritual Teacher Empath.

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