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About Maureen

I am here to help you to remember, rethink, and realize your life’s purpose and provide empathy insights into your situation. Honest, accurate, life guidance. I was aware of my gifts since I was young, and with the support of my spirit guides, have been doing readings for friends and family for 18 years. I am an empathic and intuitive reader, and your comfort and clarity are my top priorities.

Intuition is our inner knowledge and power to uncover our true potential. I will cater all of your concerns from simple queries to complicated situations in life including relationship (love, marriage, friendship, family) financial, career and other mind bothering dilemmas. I can reveal answers and harmonious pathways to attain a fulfilling lifestyle, and find clarity and inner peace. My techniques will help you to: Better understand your nature, values and be in tune with who you really are. Steer you in a better or positive direction for your life, whether a professional or personal level. Release emotions linked to your past that may be holding you back. Restore a calm perspective through my very honest, yet gently healing and spiritual insight.

I just knew that what I feel is true. My intuition helped me find my true life purpose which very quickly became a life-changing experience for me and others. I am honored to be of service for people who seek for my advice and insights. I also believe strongly that the power of thought can positively change your direction in life. I will assure No beating around the bush reading.

I believe strongly that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each reading has the potential to change a life. My goal is to provide clarity and to help you find the path that leads to your satisfaction and happiness. I am a conduit for spirit messages and transmit them in a clear, kind, straightforward and empathic way with no sugar-coating. If you are looking for a compassionate reader that’ll satisfy your psychic and spiritual needs, I am here to provide you with informative, uplifting, inspirational and especially nonjudgmental readings.

My Experience

10 years as a Clairvoyance Empath Insights Love & Relationship Life Coaching

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