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About Mary Anne

I have been a strong believer in the Angelic realm for many years. I started connecting with the Angels approximately 25 years ago. They have changed my life and brought peace love and happiness not only to myself but to many around me. The Angels taught me how to read and interpret their messages. Over the years I have helped many people with loving relationships, finance and career and to help them choose their right path in life.

My readings are a welcoming bridge between you and your angels. I will put you in contact with them through my psychic connection to the divine plane and empower you to reach your highest and best goals... I am an open source of direct and positive inspiration who will listen to you free of judgment. The Angels have requested that I start taking their messages to a wider circle of people. While the Angels bring me messages, I also have a strong psychic intuition which it comes over me as a deep sense of understanding. I offer you an in- depth truthful reading on any subject.

I am non-judgmental and love to get to know my clients to assist them on their path to a happy and fulfilled life. I have often found that with a nudge love from the Angels you can turn your life around and feel the light of the Angels guiding you on your intended life path.

Each reading with me adds greater depth and more insights. The wonderful thing about it is that it allows my clients to be more aware of what’s going on in their lives so they can change the aspects that are less desirable. I am an optimistic reader and look for ways to empower and transform the negative into positive. I believe strongly that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each call or chat has the potential to change a life!

I like to read intuitively from the card's imagery as well as its book meaning and read the client's energy and take all that into account when giving readings. I see myself as an intuitive guide and I bring myth and archetype, as well as history into my readings, and basic psychology. I also give spirit guide readings and messages from loved ones who have passed on. I can also give life path guidance and advice about family conflicts. Why live your life in the dark when you can have a little help from time to time? We all have these abilities and I am hoping to open up that channel so we can all help each other.

My Experience:

More than 25 years as a Psychic
Connects with Angels
Expert in Relationship, Finance and Career

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