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Digs into people's thoughts and is not a fortune teller who provides dates, provides insights.

Have a question about your relationship? Need to make a decision whether it is worth your time to hang in or to seek closure? Need to know if there will be a reconnection?  Mandy is an empathic love reader who specializes in the emotional psychodynamics within a relationship.

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About Me

I am an Empathic Intuitive, Card Reader, and Energy Worker. I answer questions such as "What are his/her intentions, thoughts or feelings?" "Is it unrequited love?" "Why haven't they called?" "What is causing blocks to communication with my love interest?" "What decision can I make that is in my best interest." "Is there any action I can take to help my relationship thrive better?" I move beyond the  labels of "twin flame," "soul mate" or other concepts that leave people frustrated, lingering, and stuck in a relationship that has derailed and it is unsure whether the relationship can get back on track again. 
My aim is to help others to let the labels and concepts go to understand what is truly in their best interest and the best interests of everyone involved. I help people to ground what they are aiming for in reality. My reading style tends to be blunt but compassionate. While different psychics have different styles and expertise, mine is clairempathy and clairsentience. I will also use cards I designed myself to tune in more quickly. I work best when given questions to answer, so please approach me with questions in mind. I specialize less in fortune telling. So, if you are looking for names, dates and places, you might want to seek a psychic who specializes in this. 
As an energy worker, I use energy work towards correcting energetic issues (cords, attachments, empathic debris, chakra imbalances), heartache, pain (emotional or physical), addiction (including forms of love addiction such as unrequited love) and obsession. Please know that diagnosis of medical or psychological conditions is for your doctor and energy work is not a cure.

If you have had a previous reading(s) with me and would like to receive free minutes towards an update or a future reading, just contact me through LifeMail requesting free minutes and I will send them to you. 



I have worked as a psychic and energy worker for 10 years. I am a former host and guest on numerous psychic radio shows. In 2012 I was the feature cover of a metaphysical magazine. I am also an author of a book and various divination decks to use for healing work or for reading love and relationships.

I have written numerous articles for various online metaphysical magazines and has certifications in Reiki (Imara Reiki, Usui, Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki), Chios Energy Field Healing (Chios Master Teacher), Meridian Psychotherapy (EFT), and Relationship Coaching.


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