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Helps and guides you through the spiritual world.
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About Lisa

I am a professional reader  and I share information that truly speaks to your soul. Please know you are never alone spirit guides and angels are always around us representing energy and direction that’s not separated by time and space. Allowing us to connect no matter how far apart we are. I am blessed with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. I am also skilled in retrieving past life information, on point, clearly and precisely. I am a straightforward type of reader and I don’t sugar-coat, I address specific questions with specific answers on what I see, feel and what my spirit guides and angels tell me.

We are constantly making choices that affect our future and those around us, if you find yourself unhappy or unsure of your past choices then stop and ask for help and guidance. Spirits and Angels will help you in a profound way to allow you to see how your life path is unfolding, showing you where you should proceed and perhaps change your path. I keep all my clients calm, focused and help them grow and achieve their goals while becoming a better person. I believe I have the power to change your belief system in order to take your life to a much higher and more gratifying level. 

I received my gift from my grandma on my mother’s side. As a child I watched her focus and call her angels and guides to help answer her questions and others and she was always correct and her gift grew with age she told me as I have seen my gift do the same. When I give a reading I ground myself and call in my Angels and guides as wells as everyone else's that are concerned thus allowing to channel more insight and direction.

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