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About Joanna

I am a straightforward, very in depth with each subject, inspirational and detailed psychic. I specialize in helping people with how to discover what their natural talents and gifts are through the ancient science of Astrology. I have studied this craft for over 20 years. This, including my own intuition has brought me lots of happiness over the years as I have had the privilege of helping over 400 clients find their true destiny and path. I also specialize in offering insight into the motivations of others, whether the connection is relationship (marriage, compatibility and other love related issues), career-related or family concerns.

I empower my clients by providing them options and solutions through a deeper level of communication. I use my readings to make my clients feel empowered as the creators of their own lives. Your comfort and clarity are my top priorities.

I also have a deep passion for love and relationships. Nothing gives me more passion than reading couples' charts and helping them navigate through their straights and challenges. I do this using a few charts including the couples own birth charts, synchronicity and composite chart. These tell me the big picture and narrow down to specific questions that my clients have regarding communication, sexual compatibility or even when the best day to plan their wedding would be! I do not encourage sugar-coating, it is not always really great advice and very positive final outcome. I don’t hold back if the reading is negative, just to gain fans. I am upfront and honest and will provide the most honest answer and predictions.

I am deeply passionate about being balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am popularly known as Jojo, a nick name I was given when I was a child and have adopted now as an adult to remind me to stay my true authentic self. My combined astrology, tarot and intuition helps me guide you the best I can, I have so much passion for what I do and nothing brings me more happiness than helping you find your true destiny and I will make sure that you will never be disappointed. 

My Experience:

20 years experience in Astrology
Tarot Reader
Relationship Expert

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