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About Gona

As an experienced Clairvoyant, I can view the past, present and future; thus I am able to offer solutions and strategies so that one can come out a winner. I consistently encourage clients to follow their heart's desire. By following our inner-truth we not only grow as spiritual beings but also find true joy and liberation. By using my Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities, I am able to recognize a person's unconscious goals. To reach goals we must overcome fears, and I will help you to find and overcome yours. A spiritual breakthrough happens when we are unafraid to pursue our passions, and this will lead you to personal freedom. 

Through Channeling and Automatic Writing, I connect with Guides to bring forward uplifting guidance so you can choose to have the opportunity for Spiritual Unfoldment and conscious transformation. This proves to be powerful in personal evolution. 

I also believe in Healing Crystals, Positive Visualization and Repetition Of Powerful Words/Phrases as alternative healing methods which aid in repairing the mind/body connection. When offering readings, my areas of Expertise are: Love/Relationships, Career/Work, Money/Finance, Destiny/Life Script and Dream Analysis.

My style of delivery is compassionately straightforward, positive and ethical. I enjoy providing detailed and insightful readings which bring clarity, resolution, peace and healing to the client.
Other Languages: Hindi, Punjabi

Psychic Multimedia Course completion offered by Heidi Sawyer through The Institute Of Psychic Development Bachelor Of Applied Arts from Ryerson University.

Canada Bachelor Of Education including counselling and life-coaching courses from York University.

I am a writer and have been able to publish three spirituality related books. 

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