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About Forreste

I am a Reiki Master / Sekhem Healer/ Tarot reader / Psychic and Spiritual artist. I am a master of manifestation and I offer a well of spiritual guidance. I am always channeling energy and have great intention to heal others since my early years. I believe that every message has a bit of hope packed into it. My intention is to offer a reading that leaves a lasting impression of a high vibrational nature. I believe in a greater source that can bring light into these areas. To allow them to heal. To carry out retrieval of our true self and our soul. I work with my spirit guides to bring back these parts of you. 
I have journeyed through Egypt’s hidden treasures, Nepal and more, I’ve studied their deities and I am very interested in Egyptian mythology, philosophy, spiritual development, animal spirit guides, the Akashic Records, etc.  Having experienced all walks of life, I know what a well-rounded reader should be. And if I were the one calling for a psychic reading, I would expect my psychic to relate to all kinds of people as I do.
My special gift is assisting others to recognize their own spirituality and development, working through deep blockages within energy fields and determining patterns - breaking out of them, as well as going to the core and stem of issues, beliefs, thought patterns, conditioning etc. I go the extra mile to leave my client in a better state of mind than when we first started talking. I lead my clients to the type of fulfillment they desire.
I believe with my healing and tarot combined I give great clarity, insight and a true sense of purpose. Our universe speaks to us through many signs and we need to open our spiritual eyes to see them. I allow you to heal and remove blockages that are stopping you from receiving joy, abundance, loving relationships and friendships and the absolute belief in yourself to acquire what you desire. 
Accurate psychic readings are tools that bring about positive change in a person’s life. When you read with me, I listen to your inner voice so I can get to the bottom of what’s challenging you. My intuition helps reveal your truth so you can get what you desire quicker. I read from a three card spread of my vision quest deck, determining the situation - how to get through it - and the outcome. This is supported by channeling spiritual guidance and reiki energy through the cards.
You’ll feel better when your reading is over. That’s because I’ll give you compassion and inspiration while also giving you the answers you deserve. My readings always contain positive messages no matter what challenges you’re calling me with. Request a reading if you would like to start to see absolute magic unfold in your life.
My Experience:
Reiki Master
Sekhem Healer
Tarot reader
Psychic and Spiritual Artist

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