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About Evanika

My name is Evanika and I was born near on the grand monastic complex and church of Sergiev Posad which is the center of Russian Orthodoxy and one of the most sacred spiritual places of Russia. I inherited my abilities from my mother side of the family. My Grandmother used to show me how to connect and speak with the Spirits.

The Spirits are mainly here to help the people who are feeling lonely or who are feeling pain in their heart. As an empath I am literally able to 
feel what you or your loved once are feeling.

My philosophy is though to always tell the truth. I will deliver the messages in the most compassionate way that ensures reception and understanding.

I will also look at your energy field and chakras to get a better understanding of who you are and what sufferings you are going through 
and if necessary will help you to heal and ease your emotional pain by doing deep rooted mediations and energy work around your Soul.

My abilities are:

Natural Psychic. 
Chakra Healing.
Remote Viewing.

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