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Emma is an honest, compassionate, genuine and experienced tarot and angel card reader. She provides positive and empowering reading and speaks from her heart. If you are in need of guidance with your relationship/love life/soul mates/dreams, she is here to give you comforting and insightful answers and is more than willing to use her empathy and intuitive skills to offer honest answers and help them realize their full potential.

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About Me

If you want spot on help with your situation and wants great solutions, I can provide straightforward details in a short span of time with no sugar-coated information. As a lover of nature, I've always loved the wilderness, the flowers and trees. I knew I was always different from the other kids as a little girl. I started to notice it more and more as I got older. I've always been spiritual but became more when I spent more time with my Aunty she had taught me a lot at a young age. Then from that, I found my own path and really started to look into it more and it became something I really believed in and loved to do. I will do my best to understand you and empathize with your current situation and feed you fresh outlook in life and make you feel motivated.

I empower my callers by showing them their options and solutions to help them regain their optimism and put things in perspective. I always knew I was a physic when I was a child. I can tune into people with amazing clarity. I am an empath I can feel what other people are feeling, I tune into them.  I've done many readings on my family and friends over the years. 

I will help you with your love life! Or for people who are single and wondering when are they going to meet the one. Soul mates! Twin flames! I will help guide you if you are going through a break-up, it would be a pleasure for me to give you kind advice, honest answers and to give you more insight on your love life. 

I live in a mystical magical town, Glastonbury, Somerset United Kingdom. I get lots of inspiration and more physic abilities here in the mystics of Avalon! A very powerful town full of magic and crazy energies! I look forward to talking with you!"



Tarot and Angel Card Reader
Experienced Empath


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