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Psychic that provides clarity and removes negativity.

An experienced Reiki Master and Healer who works with her Angel Guides. She is also available for Aura Cleansing. Call today and see what she can do for you!

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About Me

I am a Reiki master and healer I am also attuned to assencion Reiki and the Arc Angel Shamuel, I work with my guides and my Angels to help assist you.

I can send healing attunements which will remain in your Aura to allow healing. You will receive as long as is needed and
I can send psychic attunments. This will open you up to your own psychic gifts and consists of three attunements.
I can send energy to relationships that are in need of repair on any level.
All my work is for the highest good and can only be done for the greater good within Karmic energy

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing allows me to clear your field of unwanted energies and change the flow for health, money and relationships
to pure into your life with the potential to grow as you desire.

If you think that you are cursed, have been cursed or just plain unlucky perhaps I can help remove this from you for another
roll at the dice of life.

In my Life

I have had many challenging things in my life. Illness with cancer, eye tumours that have taken part of my sight and I feel that these things
however negative they must seem has changed my life to a positve not a negative.

My encounter with an Angel was amazing and something that will always be with me.
When I first saw one of my guides I was so scared, they come now with sparkling lights so as not to frighten me and teach me many things.

I work with Shamanic energies and also work with crystals/elementals.
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Reiki Master Spiritual Healer


949 Feedback & Reviews

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