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About Claudia

Hello my dear, my name is Claudia and I'm here to be your personal "Starmate". My psychic abilities first appeared when I was only a child as I began to naturally read people's minds and Auras and for that I was able to unlock their subconscious to ease their pain and find their truth. 

Over the past 20 years I've become a professional Tarot reader, Master Reiki, Internationally accredited Master Astrologist and Psychic and for that I can now read into your and loved ones past present and future to help you not only finding the answers that you seek, but more importantly, understanding the reasons behind the events in your life that may appear unexplainable. 

Nobody is alone, we're all connected by the unbreakable, timeless and infinite love fabric that some call "spiritual world" and that's precisely where I can take you, to show you the light, answer your deepest dilemmas  and give you clarity.

In the many years of professional reading I've helped thousands of people changing their life around and having what they truly wanted simply by explaining their past, understanding their present and knowing how to shape their will be amazed how quickly you can start attracting love, success and happiness once you've unlocked you higher being and eased your pain. 

Look forward to meet you and begin the most exciting journey of your life. 


Claudia aka "You personal Starmate"

My Experience:

Professional Astrologer, psychic and tarot reader
Karmic Astrology Financial Astrology Relationship Astrology Emotional healing Astrology Draconic Astrology Tarots
Graduate at the University of Astrology
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