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Highly accurate. Giving you clarity in love & career.

Bill is here for you. No Nonsense. No guesswork. No wasting your time. Bill does not just tell you what you want to hear. What do you get from Bill? Straight talk, clear guidance, strong support, and positive energy.

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About Me

Hello my name is Bill. I have been a Sharman and psychic for many years. I have worked in a healing centre and it has been rewarding for myself knowing that people from many walks of life have benefited from the universal life force. I never take credit for my work because the Angelic realm are who I work with. 

With my intuition, my guides, and my training, I can help with most areas win which we might find ourselves stuck, confused, or needing guidance and support. Since I was a child, I've been blessed with abilities and I work closely with my guides. 

I became interested in card reading approximately 15 years ago, and have read for family and friends since that time. This card reading ability has been enhanced by my close relationship with my guides. I also use a pendulum for time-frames, with a high rate of accuracy. 

I am non-judgmental, and have positive energy and a sense of humor. I love dealing with people from all walks of life. I'm lucky enough to have many years of experience at major corporations, with a focus on enhancing Work/Life balance. Hence I can easily relate to your experiences and challenges as you navigate these turbulent times. 

I excel in the areas of career and love and relationships. I'd be pleased and honored to be the person that you trust to help you reach your destination in life. 

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485 Feedback & Reviews

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