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About Avalon

I am a straightforward professional psychic- medium, empath, and experienced tarot reader with 20 + years of helping change the lives of thousands of people from around the world by finding insight, answers, and direction in love relationships, work, finances, spiritual development, and much more. You can expect to be given the honest truth, and you won’t be led down the wrong path with sugar coated information. 
I am known for my accuracy and ability to see you on the soul level which allows clarity to come shining through and tune into your past life issues and how they manifest in your current life and relate it to a better outcome of your future. I am a practical, no nonsense reader who can see to the core of any situation revealing the spiritual truth. No topic is off limits for me and I prefer discussing whatever issues concerns my clients. I can access answers for everyday life that help to empower you and can go even deeper to reveal the hidden lesson or gift that awaits you in your evolution. I am always gentle and provide a compassionate setting where you will feel safe and comfortable and for only the purest guidance to come through for your highest and best good.
I make sure that my clients feel comfortable even with my direct and frank yet encouraging insights and will make them feel positive and content before, during and after the session. I feel very blessed in this lifetime to have sat with master teachers and mystics who have shared some of the greatest secrets of life. I am happy to share these secrets with you and am deeply devoted to helping you in pursuit of your true passion. It is an honor and a privilege to walk this path with you and I look forward to connecting soon!

My Experience:
Psychic-Medium, Empath
Master level Tarot Reader
Love Relationship Specialist
Numerology – Lifetime Archetype and Current Year
Life Purpose Counseling
Spiritual development and Mentoring
Stress Relief Counseling

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