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Clairaudient/ clairvoyant gives mindblowing guidance.
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About Anwen

I am an Intuitive from the Valleys of Wales, and have been a practicing psychic in the Welsh Spiritualist Tradition for over 55 years! I am a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient, and widely sought for my ethical integrity and innate Intuition. I provide great conversation and insight, straight on point and on topic and impart accurate, detailed assessment of your situation. I am affiliated with the Welsh Spiritualist Church my entire life, as a student, a healer, and a Psychic. I am also a Reiki Practitioner who has pursued other lesser known modalities of Healing and Energy Work, with a concentration in spiritual dowsing.

My psychic skills include Tarot, Spiritual Dowsing, Pendulum work, and Empathy and make me uniquely qualified to help you on your path.

I refer myself as a "hereditary hedge witch," because of my unusual Welsh upbringing. Descended from "Welsh Gypsies," My training in the psychic and metaphysical field began at an early age. During the early 1900's, my mother and grandmother co-founded a southern Wales branch of the Welsh Spiritualist Church, where I began my early studies in healing and metaphysics. I studied with world renowned Healers, Psychics, and Mediums. While living in Wales, I was a student of Reverend Browen Evans, a well known Trance Medium and Healer. After relocating to the United States, my spiritual education continued.

I strongly believe that one cannot "command or demand of spirit," and my readings are grounded in integrity and ethics. I have repeatedly been told that my readings have had a strong, lasting healing effect on my clients. I also have read professionally at several Faires, Festivals, and Expos in New England, including Festivals organized by Christopher Penzack, of The Temple of Witchcraft, and the late Ramona Garcia. My passion is Spiritual Dowsing, often combined with the Tarot.

If you are seeking guidance, insights, and clarification, I can help you to identify, pinpoint, and clear obstacles and blockages! I work best with Questions. Have your questions ready! YES, I CAN answer your "yes" or "no" questions!

Over 55 years Experience as a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient
Studied Healing and Metaphysics
Reiki Practitioner
Tarot, Spiritual Dowsing, Pendulum work
Welsh Gypsies Descendant

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