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Clears issues caused by energetic blockage.
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About Annalie

I am blessed with the gift of being an Intuitive Empath. The information I receive comes through the senses of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance. I support people in Creating and Navigating Conscious Relationships with themselves and in turn with others, Self Empowerment, Self Acceptance and Self Love through my mentoring, coaching and gifts. Using my gifts as an Intuitive Empath, I feel into what your needs are on an energetic level. I can see past the spoken words and feel into the energy of what is not being communicated.

I hope my callers take their readings and make the necessary, energetic shifts to create more of what they want. I believe that people are not just hapless beings floating through life. Rather, they are powerful creatures that call forth everything they experience into their existence. 

I go the extra mile to leave my client in a better state of mind than when we first started talking. I lead my clients to the type of fulfillment they desire. Your precious time with me will be heart-centered, open-minded, non-judgemental, spiritual, empowering and healing. My intention is that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself and that you walk away from our time together with more clarity, insight and understanding of your situation or relationship. I want to help you plug-out of your head and tune into your heart. I have mentored and coached individuals and couples, conducted Intuitive Soul Readings for clients, Facilitated Women’s Circles, Supported at retreats within Australia and Overseas. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader and Certified Red Tent Facilitator. I am willing to inspire like a preacher and tell the truth like an enemy. I don’t hold back if the reading is negative, just to gain fans.

I can tune into the energy of relationship dynamics and uncover what is blocking the connection. I also have a strong connection to the Angelic Realm and use various ways to Connect to your higher self, Angels and Guides to deliver the very messages you need to hear to help support you on your path in regards to all aspects of your life. It is my job to be a mirror and to shine a light on the very things that are standing in the way of the life you want to live or the relationships you want to have. I am very honest and direct and I don't sugar coat things. At first, you may not like what I have to say but whatever guidance is delivered it will always be for your highest good. I can help you discover emotional patterns, recognise and break cycles, move through fear, help shed cultural, familial, social and self-limiting beliefs, help you rediscover and trust your own intuition, help you see and learn the lessons in all situations, help you find your own inner wisdom and medicine, empower yourself, help you move into self-love and so much more.

I have chosen in this life to incarnate into this world on a mission with my Twin Flame. Through our union, I have discovered important tools that help strengthen relationships, connection and communication. Especially how relationships can be our biggest tool for expansion and growth (and the hardest to navigate) this has been my own experience and journey. I courageously left a toxic relationship with 2 children; I then focused on my relationship with myself and did the deep inner work and learning to dance with my inner masculine and feminine. Within 10 months I attracted my Twin Flame in the physical. The gifts I have been blessed with and my strong connection to the Angelic Realm supported me in navigating this Journey. The effects of my life inspired my passion to share this work. Feeling the difference of how I was living and experiencing life to how I am currently living and experiencing it now, are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I am dedicated and passionate about being of service to humanity and helping others activate and access a new paradigm and template of unconditional love, connection and communication. I am in practice of this work every day through my union so I am constantly learning and uncovering new lessons and medicine. After our reading, you’ll feel enlightened and satisfied. If you’re willing to play an active role in your reading and your life, you’ve found the right psychic.

My Experiences:
Intuitive Soul Reader
Intuitive Empath
Certified Angel Card Reader
Certified Red Tent Facilitator

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