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About Angelica

I have been a professional intuitive Energy Healer, Counsellor, Astrologer and Tarot Reader for more than 15 years. My psychic and empathic gifts remained largely unused from my teenage years, however difficult life changing events created a path of healing, soul discovery and spiritual growth.

Since the age of 15, I have studied past lives, palm reading, psychometry, tarot cards, pendulums, numerology, neuro-linguistic programming, crystal healing, natural therapies, meditation and other metaphysical topics. The yearning to learn these topics came from a desire to know the deepest mysteries of where humans came from and how we are all connected

Specialising in relationships, career and your spiritual journey, I can connect to your situation and provide support and guidance. I articulate and express myself in a gentle, inspirational way to help you be more compassionate with yourself and your relationships.

I can see, feel, and sense the emotions you’re going through on a strong, spiritual level. I’ve helped clients seek clarity in their romantic relationship, next career move and spiritual journey, among many other issues.

I believe that everything that happens is an opportunity for growth. Each call or chat has the potential to bring peace and understanding to your situation and can even change your life!

When reading with me, I normally begin by connecting to your energy using my guides, your guides, astrology and Tarot/Oracle cards. At other times, there is no need to use any tools.

My passion lies in empowering you to realise their worth so you can make decisions that are right for you! Living your true purpose, releasing blocks and honouring your heart’s desires.

When you speak with me, you have the benefit of a soul who can share and empathise with your experience, coupled with nuggets of wisdom that come from having made it through the hardest and darkest of times! I believe I am here to show you that no matter how bad a situation feels, there are always opportunities for growth or learning. Everything that goes down always comes up again.

My Experience:

I am certified in the following:
Reiki (Master/Teacher)
Advanced Tarot
Diploma of Counselling
Diploma of Astrology

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