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About Angela

I have always had the gift of claircognizance at a young age, where I get a "download of information". The Tarot and your questions help me to narrow down and tune into the specific guidance you require at the moment. I am also empathic, intuitive and highly sensitive and can quickly connect with your Guides to provide insight and to help you reach your highest goals.

All these gifts allow me to give you clarity & insight into your situation. You are then empowered and confident to make your life decisions. If you don't like what is happening in your life at the moment, if you want to change your life then you have the choice to do that. Nothing is set in stone.

If you want help in making the best decision about a certain issue you are experiencing then the Tarot cards, Guides and I have your best interests at heart to help you understand things and move forward. My readings as well as interpretations are very grounded and actionable.

I am compassionate, caring and supportive. I simply relay the information I receive to you in a kind, gently but truthful way. I want to empower you to create a life you love. I want you to feel supported in making that happen. I love helping people to transform their lives and let them gain insight and clarity. With a bit of help nothing is holding you back, with a plan you can be, do and have anything that you truly desire.

I have been using my skills of claircognizance, empathy and intuition with my trusted Tarot cards that I have been studying since I received them as a gift when I was 12 years old.

I collect Tarot and Oracle cards, they are all slightly different and I can "feel" which deck of cards would work with your guides and energy best. I have been reading the cards for 20 years.

I have a passion for learning and have taken many classes, as well as self study. I have worked with my gifts and developed them over the years.

I have also attended and become certified in various healing modalities such as Kinesiology, Spiritual & Psychic development, Angel contact and meditation workshop. Tarot, Oracle, Doreen Virtues Angel intuitive course in person.

I have Level 2 certificate in Aura Soma, Reiki, and a Diploma of Counselling and Communication. From a very young age I could walk past someone and feel what they were feeling. I could sit down next to someone and just know what was going on for them. I'd just "know" things. Any challenges I would know what to do. In an actual grounded, step by step action plan. I'd know who was genuine and trustworthy and who was not.

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