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About Amy

I have been a working psychic for over 40 years and I have studied psychic modalities around the world. I love guiding people through their difficulties, concerns or challenges. I take great comfort in seeing anxious people calmed, and worried people empowered. I create a space where you can feel at ease to have open communication. I empower others to find the answers they seek in love, finance, spirituality, and the future. I like to lift one's hopes and give guidance that they seek.
Discover a path to peace of mind!  I work with people to clear the way to happiness and joy! I work with angels and spirits to bring you the best possible results!  As a trained spiritist medium, I work with elevated spirits, teachers and helpers. I will help you listen to your inner self and not to doubt the universe because they are in place to help us. The messages we need to receive will come again and again until we take a step back, listen and start healing our wounds.
I believe every reading should tell a story and understanding your person of interest is as important as knowing the future! I am a patient and understanding soul. While I do enjoy jumping into readings as soon as I connect with a caller, know that you can always stop me and ask for clarification. Your questions will birth more questions and that's fine. That's life and life is very complicated but that doesn't mean you can't navigate its ups and downs.
Readers of the heart have helped people for Centuries and as a 21st-century reader of the heart, my goal is to use techniques that integrate Earth energy with spiritual mysticism. My personal philosophy centers on the fact that we all have the strength, ability and the power to change things in our lives, so I aim to inspire and ignite that fire within you. I believe that life is derived from making choices, so she focuses on how to create the change you need to make to bring about your deepest heartfelt desires. 
I am here to help you make big decisions, but that doesn't mean I'll make the decisions for you. However, I will give you the accurate information you need that will help you along on your journey. Since this information comes from my guides, you can be sure what I’m sharing is the unadulterated truth. With divine guides and me on your side, you can't go wrong! Above all, I want you to be encouraged, inspired and to get the insight you need to help you make the best decisions in your life.
My Experience: 
More than 4 decades of experience
Spiritual Mysticism
Trained Spiritist Medium

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