Why Do Clients Receive Conflicting Readings?

By Penny: LifeReader offers a variety of talented and skilled psychic readers that have an assortment of specialties. This is good and right and as we want it to be. In this way each client may select the professional that most correctly aligns with their needs.

Clients not only have individual needs, but they also have desired outcomes. Interestingly, my clients often already know the answer to their question, and they come to me hoping I will tell them what they want to hear. You see, everyone has psychic abilities, and the only difference is the degree to which these abilities are developed.

penny3 When clients hear their worst fears confirmed, they often want to shop elsewhere to find someone who will give them the answer for which they search. If you ask enough psychics you will eventually receive what appear to be conflicting answers. The reasons for this are threefold.

1. Psychics read energy as it is at the time of the reading. This energy can change. While many think their destiny is carved in stone, this is just not the case. Each of us is a freewill agent with the power to create our own lives. Most do not understand this innate power and create their life subconsciously, but create it they do.

2. Another reason is that the first reading may reveal information that inspires and motivates a client to make changes in their life, changes that will align their energy more closely to their desired outcome. In this way the readings do not conflict, rather they are both correct.

Keep in mind though. You cannot change anyone else’s energy – only your own. You cannot force your will on someone else. They too are freewill agents.

3. The last reason a client may receive conflicting psychic information is that psychics are human. Everything they receive comes through their human filter. It is humanly impossible for a psychic to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. Additionally, no one, including spirit, can read the future perfectly. Again, that goes back to the fact that we are all freewill agents.

It is also good to add here that, although the information a client receives may not be palatable, living a lie is never in anyone’s best interest.

If you like, shop around for a psychic or two with whom you sense a connection. Then stay with them for a while and let them become familiar with your energy. In this way you will receive the most accurate and beneficial information.

My intention with each of my clients, is to give them the most precise and helpful material available. It is my method to end the reading by looking ahead to their potential, the very achievable possibilities for their life. If you leave too soon, you may not have the opportunity to receive this encouraging data.

Each of us has an incredible potential. Hearing the words is often enough to set us along the most fulfilling path. You see, I know there is always a positive answer. It just needs to be discovered.


Love and Light,


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