What Is Psychic Protection ?

So why do we need this?

Ever had a friend around you whom seem to completely drain you of energy? Every time you see this person you come away feeling that you have no energy for anything else. Ever gone into a house and did not like that house’s atmosphere? Even been into a business meeting and felt intimidated by the atmosphere that you froze and felt you could not speak?

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•In learning Psychic Protection you will learn how to maintain your own psychic spare in uncomfortable or intimidating situation;

• How to protect yourself against powerful personalities and against those whose energy and attitude affect you;

• How to maintain your own energy field without external interference;

• How to create a benevolent and loving vibration which you can then place in an object or space;

• How to create a general attitude and lifestyle that is energetically beneficial.
The Underlying Dynamics

Everything that exists in a material form which we can see and touch also has a more subtle energy field that we cannot see. This is often referred as an Aura.  Even a piece of furniture has an aura, your T.V and other electrical equipment because an aura is an subtle envelope of vital energy that is thought to radiate round objects, including animals, human beings and even plants.  

This energy field is capable of containing and radiating particular qualities of atmosphere and people’s moods.  These atmospheres very enormously, from peace to anger, from joy to sadness, from anxiety to confidence and so on. 

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field which passes all the way through the human body and radiates beyond it.  Although we cannot see it, we can experience what is feeling that is why you can often pick up people’s or animals moods.  You can often feel if or not a dog is friendly even if it is not wagging its tail. 

Our personal aura is continually meeting other energy fields and when it meets another field, a wobble or wave is sent through it, similar to a pebble falling into water. This vibration then anchors down through the skin into the physical nervous system. The brain notices the sensation in the nervous system and then interprets the experience.  This is incredibly obvious when, for example, you meet that angry dog which frightens you. Your energy field meets the dogs and there is that wobble or friction where they meet. This wobble then travels through your energy field and lands in the system down the spine and your spinal hair literally stands on end. Your brain then interprets this experience: fear.

On a more positive note you can meet a benevolent person or place. Again your energy field encounters their benevolent energy field. The harmonic where they meet is communicated down into the physical nervous system and this time it feel good. The same thing can apply to particular landscapes or even buildings. I am sure you all have at some time in your life you have entered a house you would love to leave right away. It does not feel warm and inviting at all. 

In order to practice the Art of Psychic Protection you yourself must be a grounded person and fully connected to your body.So what do I mean by that?

Your life in general needs to be one of balance. You have a balance in your working and social life and no addictions that are interfering with either your spiritual or physical health.

This includes the addiction to tobacco or alcohol will need to be dealt with first before you will be successful in doing any type of Psychic Protection work.

Whilst learning or actually doing Psychic Protection you may like to invite Angel Zanna to join us as she is the Angel who job it is to protect you and other from all types of harm.

 I would now like to introduce you to some ideas on earthing or grounding exercises both phrases mean the same – is to get a sense of the energy of your body connecting deep into the energies of Mother Earth.

Choose one that works effectively for you.

Focus your mind on the earth beneath you and get a gentle sense of your connection with it. If you are several floors up, imagine the connection going down through all the floors below you. Feel that connection going ever deeper into the earth.

There are many different ways you can help yourself to sense this connection.

Sense this connection with the Earth down through the soles of your feet and down through the base of your spine. It is a good idea weather permitting to walk around bare feet for about 15 mins per day and even better if you can walk through some sand or dirt in a garden.  Of course the second part of that idea is more difficult if you happen to live in the city. Perhaps you can visit the children’s play area in your local park? 

1. Imagine that you are a tree. Your torso is the trunk. You have deep descending roots.  Go out regularly and actually touch the earth with your bare feet or hands.  Hug trees and feel how deeply rooted they are.  Sense the energy of trees going deep into the earth.

2. Massage the soles of your feet with soil or with a powdered metal such as magnesium or aluminium.

3. Try wearing an amulet made of either lead or hematite. To get full connection with your body can be done by some every simply activities – they are:

• Getting a weekly massage or even massage yourself.

• Enjoy a lazy bath.

• Regular physical exercise

• Yoga

• Dance and other types of movement like Tai Chi

• At the same time of being grounded and feeling comfortable in your body, your breathing must be calm and rhythmic.  Yoga is great training for this.  

Now we will look at some others methods of Psychic Protection.

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Get yourself comfortable and relaxed.
Earth/ground yourself and guide your breath into a comfortable and relaxed rhythm.
Imagine and sense that you are surrounded by a transparent protective bubble or egg to protect you from negative vibrations.
Spend a while sensing this bubble all around you,
Over your head;
Under you feet;
Completely protecting your back;
Completely surrounding you.

Sense that your own vibrations are able to exit through the membrane of the bubble and that this bubble does not prevent good energies from entering, only the negative ones. Of course you can do certain refinements to your bubble.  Experiment with filling this bubble with different colours to match your mood or to put in into the mood you would like to be in. You could also choose to put protective images that you like either of heroes or heroines of the past of the religious symbol that works best for you if so inclined. Extend your bubble for about 4 to 6 feet out from yourself as a boundary line. Perhaps you may like to image writing your own personal slogans on the exterior of your bubble, such as “KEEP OUT” etc.

It is recommended that if you know in advance that you are going into a situation that you know makes you uncomfortable, pull up your bubble and just sit quietly there for approximately 15 minutes before going out to met your day or that appointment.


Visualize yourself envelop in a wonderful magic cloak similar to that as in one of the Harry Potter movies, except this is for personal protection rather than being invisible. 
Your cloak can be a simple colour or mutli-coloured or designed.  Whichever you best resonance with and make you feel warm and protection from all harsh environments and people.

This technique is useful when are in the processing of leaving your home environment and about to enter the outside world or some other less friendly environment.  It is also good after a massage or coming back into an urban environment after spending time in the park or the countryside.

Simply sense yourself as your favourite flower with your stem going deep into the ground and your petals open.  You then sense the petals gently folding into close position in on you, just as all flower do in nature during the evening. 

This technique can be very useful for those living with others but who sometimes feel the need for personal space around themselves. 
Build up a sense of a curtain hanging between you and the other person/s.  Make sure this curtain goes into the floor and up to the ceiling.  Then begin to sense that is made of heavy lead.  Breathe gently and, on the out breath, feel the warmth and moisture of your breath helping to make the curtain even denser.   Your own vibrations and the other partners will now bounce off this lead curtain.


1:-Visualise yourself sitting inside a beautiful semi transparent golden pyramid.

2:-Now see at the four corners of the pyramid the four Arch Angels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel)

3:-Then see a ray of white light from above (heaven?) and see it going down through the apex (top) of the pyramid.

4:-As the white light goes down into the pyramid see it circling all around you inside the pyramid

5:-You can go further and see spectrums of colour coming out of the white light to also help

Red:-To help in being grounded

Yellow:-To help with knowing

Green:-To help in healing

Blue:-To help with communication

Pink:-To bring in love – Remember folks, that means all forms of love and not just romantic.



Imagine that you have a circular shield; depending on where you feel the need to use it will determine the size required. People usually place their shield over that part of their body which feels the most sensitive and often in accordance with the Hindu Chakra system.

For example: If you are dealing with someone’s you feel is a sexual predator, you might wish to cover the Chakra known as the Sacral Centre which is situation around your reproductive organs.

If you are dealing with someone’s spiky emotions, the Shield might go over the Solar Plexus area.
If someone is thinking too intensely, then place the shield in front of your eyes and forehead.
Of course you could use a very large shield protecting your whole torso. 

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