The Truth About Twin Flames: Final Chapter

By Claudia: The tinder cerulean light of daybreak starts melting the darkness as a teardrop would melt silence. Such grace this world of our has, it was truly designed to let us fall in love. No matter how badly we treat it, no matter how numbly we ignore it…the miracle of creation still manages to breath pure beauty into us all…incredible…And to think that all of this, really, it’s just ” our warm up gym” Can you imagine the rest….

H (Haakon) stands by the window, he seems to be able to actually feel the warmth of the rising sun…and I think to myself “There you go….if you don’t even need actual skin to feel the warmth of the sun how can be anybody surprised that you can experience love without touching…”

H: Now you’re just being self serving….
Claudia: Am I? Ok Yoda shine some objective light…

claudia2 H is right, I am being self-serving…. It’s just too easy to base your perception of reality on your own experiences and before you know it, your thoughts start molding and changing how you interact with our fellow beings….just like if you stopped actually communicating with others but rather entertained a monologue inside your head where everyone becomes no more than “a part to be recited”. I snap out of it and ready to listen to whatever he has to say….even if it doesn’t comply with my own personal script.

Claudia: Sorry H, I’m ready.
H: It’s ok … Don’t blame yourself… not even the strongest of us can maintain complete calm and control while …well you know…
Claudia: You can say it…. I’m not opposing any resistance.
H: Oh look at you, you little love bird…

He just had to be patronizing didn’t he…

Claudia: Don’t you dare say that in your time a song would have been written about it….really…or I’ll send you on vacation for a very long time…
H: Time is an illusion…
Claudia: Yes, but being ignored is not is it? And I’m your only audience…
H: Fine, you’re in the Hedonistic phase of love, meaning that a sea monster would make more logical sense than you right now…I understand and…
Claudia: Can we go back to the topic please?
H: We are on the topic , you’re the topic… You feel like you finally know where you belong but scared that you can’t get there, you finally know what it’s like to feel complete but afraid that “mere mortal differences” will keep you apart, in short you have everything that you’ve always wanted but just can’t reach out to it.
Claudia: You’ve got to wipe the grin off your face H….
H: Why, it’s wonderful…You’re experimenting the fear of loss because you don’t think you’re worthy to have happiness. But it is that fear that will allow you to be the flame your twin truly deserves, remember…. without the obstacle what is there to conquer…
Claudia: I don’t know…. tell me one more time…
H: We find our Twin Flame to conquer the oblivion inside us, through a love of that magnitude we can actually remember, and not just one another, but the real reason of why we’re here, and us…we can finally remember who we really are. See… Just as you think that nothing actually makes sense and you finally give up your ego to just be a wonderful creature and the truth makes its way. We are all worthy of it… if we only allowed us to.
Claudia: Do you ever miss it?
H: Every instant.
Claudia: Why don’t you come back in the flesh….
H: One day…. gotta get you out of “high school” first…and speaking of which…what did I teach you?
Claudia: The love you receive makes you strong, but the love you give makes you invincible.
H: So love, always, especially when you think it makes no sense and you’re risking “ALL” for it…just love and allow yourself to actually live…Allow yourself to be the real you.


Love and Light,


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