New Love – The Three Month Honeymoon

When we meet a new person our endorphins are working overtime, we have the physical attraction, the emotional attraction and also the mental attraction. It can feel like we have found the right person at that moment in time.

With a new person everything feels heightened.  Our emotions, our senses and even our ability to be happy.  These feelings give us the illusion that we are in love. The enjoyment of being with that person, the fact the you can talk to them, you feel safe in their arms, you enjoy a lot of the same things, or love being introduced to new things.  The sex is fantastic, but keep in mind this can all take place in the first three months of a relationship.

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What happens after this? Little things that you never noticed before start coming to the surface, like maybe the way he dresses. You don’t like it so you try and fix it. This is then your little quirks coming to the surface. These are things we don’t see when we are in the euphoria of a new person.
After a while reality starts to creep in, work commitments get in the way, suddenly you realized that you have neglected your friends and family. You find that although you may have been doing a lot of things together you start to realize the some of the things you did you may not have enjoyed but did so to please the other person. This is then when you realize that you started compromising yourself and not showing the real you.

So suddenly the real you start to come to the surface and then neither of you know how to handle it.  The illusion of what you had is under attack because that is all it was an illusion. If when you get past the illusion and start to see the real person and still like what they mean to you. You can work past all the little quirks that keep popping.  The questions that you want answered. The communication that you had in the beginning is still prominent then you are on the right track to being with that person for a while.

Sometimes though, the person can show their real selves.They can just decide that this is who I am, and what you see is what you get. This can also be a little tricky because all of a sudden you are seeing the real person and sometimes you don’t know how to deal with it either, but if this person is one to find flaws from the very beginning then maybe you have good cause to think about this as well. Do you want to be with someone who is constantly picking up the negative all the time? This is also food for thought.

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We also need to remember, that some people are in our lives for only a short period of time. Just enough to teach us things we may not want in our lives. Sometimes they can be there for years because the lesson may take longer. Or then there is that person that is your equal, your soulmate, the one that loves unconditionally regardless of who you are and what you do. When you find that person hold on to them, they are few and far between. Then that new love feeling can stay for as long you want it to.

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