I Keep Seeing 11:11, What Does It Mean?

Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? Ever wondered what it means?

Numbers are the angels favourite way of communicating with us lately and I highly recommend you pay attention to which numbers stand out to you and which ones you see repetitively, because they are clues that you can access to find out about aspects of your life you are wanting clarity on. The book “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue is a great resource to have when you want to more info on what the numbers have to tell you. She is a highly intuitive and experienced Angel Therapist who was given (through meditation) this info to share with us all, and the more we use these types of tools, the more sense our lives will make, as well as infusing the loving energy and power of the angels messages into our souls. Using this book as a guide, it tells us that the number 11:11 means: Stay positive! Your thoughts are rapidly materializing (sometimes instantly), so to ensure happy outcomes focus on the good in the situation and give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation. Now, imagine that… INSTANT manifestation! (It is happening to more and more people as the veil between heaven and earth is thinning due to the rising consciousness!)

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When and where will you see these numbers and how will you know if they mean something?

First of all, the angels want you to ask them for help! With anything. The bigger the situation the better (and do not be shy to call in the Archangels, it is what they are there for!).So, ask for guidance or help or a sign and then leave it open to whatever they choose on how to best get your attention. And be on the lookout for numbers! It is the easiest way for them to communicate and they have seen that more and more of us are paying attention to it, so the energy increases as the awareness increases.

Digital clocks, receipts, prices, change at the store, phone numbers, advertising signs, license plates, addresses and calendar dates…. These are all ways that the angels show they are around by getting our attention, especially when the same numbers come up over and over again.

Did you know that you can even focus upon certain numbers and then have them appear into your reality?

It is true. And sometimes the numbers will shift. For example, I used to have the number 31 appear everywhere and then one day 13 appeared. I was actually a bit nervous at the time but had to admit that once I began to see 13 everywhere my life was improving and I was going in a really good direction. I came to respect the number 13 first of all because it reflects the moon energy (because there are 13 full moons each year). And seriously, things in my life were just flowing so well. The number 13 in the Angel Numbers 101 means: The ascended masters are with you, helping you maintain a positive outlook. The number 13 signifies that female ascended masters and goddesses are assisting you in staying positive.

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Also important to pay attention to your intuition, dreams, ideas and signs. If you are reading this post then I encourage you to open up to the signs and to trust your own intuition because it will only get more and more accurate with practise.

If you wish to have a Number Reading with me, please advise me at some point during the reading that you wish to know the meaning of a number you have seen and I will be more than happy to help you decipher its meaning.

So, have you seen any numbers repeatedly lately?

Please leave me a comment and if you also state which country you are from, I think it would be great to see what the Global Angel Number Message is that is being released on the planet at this time. Thanks!

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  1. margaret newton

    Hi my name is Margaret newton and i do beleive in the angels…I have moved up North from Auckland New Zealnd,and have started in a new job as a dental assistant two days a week.However,i just keep feeling uncomfortable in this job as i need to learn more computor skills.I was in my last job for 17 years – and miss it terribly.My husband is yet to find a job,he is a painter,and concerns me that we will use up our savings.I am constantly asking the angels for help and always ask Ark Angle Micheal to help me when i go to work at this new job.I was wondering if you could offer me some help and advice…Thank-you,Margaret Newton


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