Dealing with Loneliness on Valentine’s Day

Valentines can be a beautiful day for many people that are in relationships. It’s a time for couples to renew their romance and to show one another how much they care. Valentine’s is that special day that makes women giddy and men excited about the prospect of being close to the one they love or that they are dating. But Valentines is not always a happy day for those that are left without anyone to call their own. It’s important to know that just because you are alone on this Valentines; it does not mean you will be lonely on the next one. Life has a way of sending us love when we least expect it. While Valentines is hyped up every year, it’s important to know that just because you are missing out this time, that you will have your time as well. If you find yourself dreading Valentines and hearing about all of your friends and loved ones plans, it’s time to do something for you.

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Make Valentines your day. After all you cannot love someone else unless you first love yourself. It’s okay to pamper yourself and appreciate the person you are! Though this year may not be about someone else showing appreciation, it’s still a day that brings joy to your life.

I have some suggestions for how to be your own Valentine this year.
First off, start a journal of your life. Where you are at and where you would like to be when it comes to love in your life.

Second, spoil yourself. Who better than yourself knows what makes you happy. Maybe you could go get a nice massage, pedicure, or make dinner plans with other friends that are single this year.

Third, lay down your expectations of being unlovable just because this season of your life is not holding love for you.

Fourth, when one door closes another opens so be excited about what the future holds, dream of your future boyfriend or girlfriend and as you envision them, manifest a healthy relationship to come. I personally got down on my knees and prayed for my husband to come years ago. I put in my order for what I would want in a mate. Trust me God listens!

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Fifth, don’t sit around and sulk. Go out and enjoy the outdoors. Take a hike, walk on the beach, Get in tune with who you are and your own dreams and goals. Nature has a way of clearing our heads and our hearts and preparing us for more.

The fact is the more you are in tuned and appreciate yourself, the more someone else will embrace all you have to offer. Valentine’s is about love and who better deserves that love than YOU!

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