Am I Walking The Path Of Light Or Darkness?

So many times, we wonder why things happen and the way they happened, we fall in love and then we separate often the case is it is misunderstanding. Have you ever thought about your own actions how you have treated a person have you ever thought about the people have been good to you and you haven’t responded in a positive manner and the person has walked away from you we all have to take responsibility for our own actions the blame does not go to another person if you choose to be unkind and make the thought process in your mind negative and think things that are not real then you are responsible have you gone to that person and ask them why they may be disgruntled towards you?

The Angels of spirit beings can help you in everything, whether it be before you separate or if you want to stay with your partner do you ever ask? So if you do not ask how can I help you? Good point isn’t it really the main thing that you need to think about is your own attitude and how you are projecting out everything that comes to your life it is called the law of attraction. The Angels know it well, there is so many people on this planet that love Angels and have been helped and comforted and loved by The Angels. We all have time to complain my life not going right my partners not treating me right, my parents aren’t treating me right, my friends are treating me right, my pets on treating me right, my work is not treating me right and the list goes on.

Negativity creates Wars, separation from friends and loved ones, families and relationships we all have a number and numerology number and many years ago the angelic realm went by numbers like God’s number is 777. The devil’s number is 666. It’s amazing how the Bible has all numbers running through it as a reference, even the books that you read today are numbered so everything has a number even your car plates, Social Security number etc. So let’s have a look at another side of the coin how the angels see it. When you came into this world, you were on your own. Your parents were waiting for you yes, but you traveled on your own individual journey.

You are on your own, no one can feel your pain, your suffering, your grief. Because your identity belongs to you. You have a different set of fingerprints, hair follicles, etc. They are all different to anybody else so you are unique in your own. Right? How do you think the angels identify you? Because we are all different, you do not have to be a part of the numbers and the statistics. In the world today, 95% of relationships fail because of your attitude towards the situation. You can change anything and make it for your highest good. Sure there are times that you need to separate from others because you have tried everything and nothing is working for you but did you ask the angels to help you? Before you separate yourself? A lot of people would say they believe in God and the angels. There’s a difference between thinking it and feeling the love of God.

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When you look at everything in life, all you want to be is to be happy, have inner peace, be loved, and have a healthy life, healthy children and a good work environment. This is a job in itself, this is a 24 hour a day job and asking the angels every day, you will get what you want and need, but you need to give them time to deliver it to you. Renew your mind in a positive manner. Negativity destroys everything in this world. Humans destroy humans, that is called free will. Can you blame the universe for that? Can you blame that if there is God, this wouldn’t happen? Let’s have a reality check, are you good to people? Are you patient with people whether than negative or positive? You need to ask yourself this, because God is patient with all things.

What I’m trying to say, today, is this human beings destroying human beings? The universe has always been there. Human beings have created Wars and they have been barbaric. If you do not believe in the devil he believes in you. He is the master of all negativity, he was the one who created separation, he was once called an archangel, he was made beautiful by God, he wanted what God had so his ego created an illusion to Adam and Eve, so that’s where our problems began since then, the battlefield has been between angels and demons. Read history and you will see it all. Once again you can change your mind, set to be positive and walk in the light, and let the angels carry you on what side of the fence are you, the demons or the angels, ask yourself. If you have any questions about this article, I am more than happy to help you come on to life reader.

I believe in love, compassion and sensitivity. The law of attraction gives you everything with the angels help, so from here on, ask yourself. “Am I walking the path of light or darkness?” Anger is misery’s best friend, remember that. It comes from the Demons, the same as sarcasm, betrayal, hurt and separation. It all comes from both humans and demons.

Much Blessings!

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