A Touch Of Heaven

(I am writing this to you as an angel message)

In this month, you will accomplish the things that you have wanted and to accept the time there nothing you can do is to alter the time and the wait this is what you need to accept.

Rather than beat yourself up and have disbelief that things are not happening. I have to say that things happen in their own way and you need to be the beacon of light so that the one you love can find their way with the patience this is true love. Doubt comes in when you have trouble believing that this can really happen for you and that the time goes by and nothing well I want you to know the predictions that the angels have said will and are happening and this month is full of happiness and change for the better if you think that life has not been good to you then what is it that you need to change. It is so much easier to blame another when you do not look within oneself. If you have money problems, then this is what you have projected out and the fear of not having enough, this also will impact on your future while stressing about anything you yourself put out there of a negative form through all disbelief’s in your own mind.

Why not explore yourself and find what you really want to do with life? It is not a matter of destroying fear, but of knowing its nature. And of seeing it as a less powerful force than the power of love.

Heaven can be in you or Hell, you do not have to feel pain and suffering in this life you have free will to change anything there is not anything that is impossible in this life to change. Death is inevitable, it will come for us one day and there is not anything we can do about it. But to make sure where we are going in death to the light or darkness. We still have a choice in this. Some people believe that there is no life after death this is not true the spirit lives on. How do I know? Simple. I can see the other side. When my parents died, I can still see them and talk to them it all depends on what path you are on in this life God made us in his image then we can see all like him/her.

Have you ever thought that what we send out is what we get back if you give love and kindness and sensitivity you get this back from people? And our life style how we live our lives with our loved ones when you look at people running a race they are in the race to win this is how life is how far can you run and not quit on yourself due to any circumstances and blocks that come in your way. It is through perseverance in all situations this can make you stronger as a person. You do need to ask the Angels to help you. There is only one God, no matter the religion inner peace and a touch of heaven in you will only come when you walk the path of light you will not get this in darkness.

The point the Angels are making. You do not have to suffer in this life you do not have to have pain and grief where your heart aches of sadness. Keep in mind, we can all lose our way and not know where we are going, what happens if you go down a no through road you do not just sit there you turn around and find another way to get where you need to go. This is what you must do in your own life because something is not working for you one way, try another way always asking the Angels to give you the insight to do right and for your highest good.
Lift yourself out of darkness sorrow and pain start loving yourself again get your personality back be joyful and thankful for what you have and never worry about the things you do not have because you are breathing you are living.

There are so many lost souls today that are still trying to find their way they stay earth bound in fear of their lives they have led before they died they choose not to go to the light.

Heaven is another dimension I call it the hall of souls this is where the book of the living dwells and the book of the dead for every experience that you encounter on Earth is recorded good and bad.

A touch of heaven is a good place to be you are in tuned with God and the Angels asking them for everything in your life to gain the inner peace you need to live a peaceful life and be joyful and most of all a quality of life.

Always remember love wins in the End.

Blessings Ann

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